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Due to several factors (including lack of money) I am unable to attend an intensive this summer. The past few months I have been going through some indecision about my love of ballet and not working as hard as I should. I have recently become very re-inspired and I want to make up for letting my technique slide and improve as much as possible this summer even though I'm not going away.


Here's the schedule I've planned out (I want to take two levels at once): Mon: Technique 10:30-12, Technique 4-5:30, Pointe 5:30-6:30. Tues: Floor Barre 10-10:30, Technique 10:30-12, Pointe 12-1. Wed: Technique 10:30-12, Floor Barre 3:30-4, Technique 4-5:30, Pointe 5:30-6:30. Thurs: Technique 10:30-12, Pointe 12-1, Technique 4-5:30, Fri: no ballet (hopefully yoga or pilates). Sat: Technique 10:30-12


Is taking two technique classes each day overkill? I also would like to add a modern or jazz class to this. Tell me what you think about this schedule. Thanks! :shrug:

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That's OK.


Students frequently take two technique classes a day in summer. What I think you have to look out for is taking THREE full barres per day. That's too much time spent at the barre. What you propose seems to be realistic. Add the Pilates or modern or other on the vacant Friday. With motivation and good teachers, you should improve.

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I have the same question. :) My schedule would be:


Mon- Technique in the morning, pilates and then technique in the afternoon, followed by rehearsal.

Tues- Technique, pointe, rehearsal.

Wed- 2 Tech classes, and rehearsal.

Thurs- Technique, pointe and rehearsal.

Fri- 2 Technique classes and rehearsal.


But this is only for 5 weeks, because of a special intensive program at my studio. Then, for the rest of the summer- 5 weeks- I'd only be doing a technique and pointe class monday-staurday. Is that ok?


Also, I was wondering, is it completely necessary to take modern or jazz classes to be a professional dancer? (preferrably in a classical company :)) I took modern, jazz, and contemporary for several years, but then stopped to take more ballet.


Thank you!

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