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Is this realllly gonna work as well as I thought?

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I have a solo I'm doing at 8th grade promotion on Tuesday.

I'm performing a variation from Raymonda, en pointe.

I have 90% of it down, and I'm going to a private lesson tomorrow for 1-3 hours to work out the rest of the variation.

I was just downstairs practicing, and I noticed I was suddenly feeling...so down about the whole deal. I startied thinking "well, what if this goes wrong? what if i can't get up in pointe that quick? what if i slip? omg...my knees look bad. My hips grew! Omg, is that a zit I see?!"

All these little "imperfections" and worries are starting to pop up, and it's scaring me.

Up until now, I have been so excited to do it. I've been practicing every day for 2-4 hours and having a lot of fun with it.

But everything is suddenly shifting, and I am feeling mentally and physically exhausted (and my toes hurt so bad ><)


Any advice? =/


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PF, sounds to me like you just have a bit of normal nervousness. :wink: However, these kinds of doubts are non-productive, and really need to be replaced with thoughts about getting to do this variation and having a great time doing it! :) Seems to me like you have had a lot of rehearsal, and should be ready, so just perform it at your rehearsal tomorrow several times, until you feel good with it. Trust your teacher to prepare you well, and trust yourself to do what you have been taught. It sounds like a nice honor to be able to do this, so just enjoy it. :)

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Thanks much Ms. Leigh!

I feel a wee better already =3

This is my first solo by the way, so I am VERY nervous.

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Well remember, since it's a solo, even if you mess up- no one will know! (though I'm sure you won't.)


Have fun!

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Pinkpineapple, the solo has already been danced. :D Check out PF's thread on the results of her performance. :o

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