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I have good turn out in plies but thats it my turn out otherwise is not very good.

Any advice? also is there any exercises I could do to improve this?



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Hello butterflyprincess, welcome back to Ballet Talk for Dancers :lol:


Rotation from the hips, from wince cometh turnout, is gained from learning how to stand correctly, which muscles to use to rotate the legs, working intelligently and consistently at the barre and realizing that all of the exercises are designed to increase your rotation IF you are really doing them 100%. :) (Rond de jambe à terre, especially, focuses on creating and USING your rotation.)


Further exercises for rotation can be done after barre or after classes, such as center splits, butterfly, and lying down on your back with your derrière up against the wall and let your legs open as far as they can with gravity doing the work for you. These things need to be done when very warmed up, NOT before classes or at home unless you do a barre first.


There are tons of threads on rotation and turnout here on this forum You could probably read for days on end without exhausting them. :lol:

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Thank you!

I try so hard but it hurts me when I try to turn out.

I'll keep doing barre exercises and I'll check out the other threads on turn out and rotation here.

Thanks! :D

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Butterflyprincess, if it hurts, then you are probably pushing a bit too far. It should not hurt. It might not be totally comfortable, however it really should not cause actual pain.

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This might be something you would notice, but one of my friends had the same issue. She said it hurt to tturn out. Turns out (no pun intended), she was slightly pigeon toed.

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My teacher trys to position me right I feel aching in the hip and thigh I have good natural turn out in plies but when doing extentions etc it just dosnt go.

Its really frustrating me.

Hopefully I will start doing those exercises and it will improve I hope.


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how do you know if you are forcing your turnout?

do you feel pain? if so, where?


i think i might be forcing my turnout sometimes because

if i go to a full 180 turnout in first position i sort of lose

my balance.

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Over rotation of the feet might be the problem, but without seeing you, it is difficult to really say exactly! :P You might also not be maintaining your upper body correctly. Your entire body is involved in turn out. One thing will effect the other. Ask your teacher for some help. :(

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