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Maternity Leotard?


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Well, right now I'm almost 8 weeks pregnant... so I'm not showing (at least not to anyone other than myself) :D.


But, a month or two down the road I'm going to need a new leotard with some "baby in my belly" room! I've googled it and haven't had any luck. Has anyone been in this spot? I'd like to remain feeling like a ballerina into my last month, even if I do look silly. By that I mean tights and a traditional leotard.


Please tell me this isn't a hopeless situation. I really don't want to go to ballet class in draw-string pants and a maternity gym shirt. Thanks for any ideas you have!

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I found this swimsuit on the Motherhood website http://www.motherhood.com/Product.asp?View...rCategory_Id=18



I also discovered a company in Vermont, East Coast Leotard Co. they have a line called Mama Pavlova. I haven't found a website for them yet. A google finds many Mama Pavlova swimsuits. They are easily twice as much as the Motherhood one.

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Wouldn't just buying a bigger size work? They're pretty stretchy anyway and you could alter the straps to fit your height if that was a problem.


I wore loads of clothes when I was pregnant that weren't actually maternity clothes, just stretchy and it worked pretty well!

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My best friend has a baby who is now about 18 months, and one of my teachers is 8 months pregnant. They both wore sizes bigger, which worked fine!

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I taught through two pregnancies, and although some women might be able to go up a size, I carried both babies straight out in front-I needed extra fabric in the front. I found anything with a tight waistband gave me Braxton Hicks contractions so I stopped wearing tights early on. I wore these unitards and also had a couple pairs of maternity bike shorts that I could wear with any maternity top.



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Great ideas! Thank you everyone. I feel a lot better about making it work. It's my first and I just wasn't sure what could give me the room I might need. Thanks again!

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