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Straight knees...

{Polina Fan}

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I've been doing ballet for 11 years now (I started when I was 3.) Ever since I have been pinpointed my weaknesses and working very very hard on them.

Flexibility was the first one, and straight knees was the second one.

I did contortion classes (not extreme contortion) and gained a LOT of flexibility, and I am veyr pleased with my flexibility state right now.

But my knees haven't seemed to improve at all.

I do the tennis ball stretch with them (place an old tennis ball that has some flatness to it under your knee and try to flatten it) twice a day and it hasn't helped (I've done this for two years now and haven't noticed a difference.)

My ballet teacher told me a while back to know think "back" with your knees but think "pull up" with them. Still doesn't help.

Are there any other exercises I can do to get a beautiful line in my legs?

Once my knees can get straight, I believe I'll have a very beautiful line!




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PF, is it possible for you to totally straighten them at all, in any position? If not, then they are what is called hypoextended, and that is generally not going to change dramatically. If they CAN straighten, but you don't yet get them straight all the time, that is another matter. :)

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PF, it does sound like your legs are hypoextended, which is very difficult to work with. However, you are still very young, and do remember that the years prior to about 8 or 9 really don't count. So, think in terms of 4 or 5 years rather than 11, and keep working to make them straighten. It may be possible, and maybe not, but no way to know without continuing to try.

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That would depend on the school, and what they are looking for, and also how you show in other ways. Sometimes one thing will not put you out of contention, especially if you are still very young. :lol:

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