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Sever's Disease


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My 13 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Sever's Disease. It is a VERY common heal inflammation, usually caused by "pounding" on the feet-such as gymnists or runners. I very highly suspect that it came from running in school PE in the wrong kind of shoes (My DD thought that Vans were ok to run in, rather than the good shoes we bought her).


Anyone else have a dancer with this problem? She will get little rest this summer, and I would like advice if anyone has any, on how not to irritate it. She does work through her feet really well, and it usually doesn't bother her when she dances-only running type stuff.

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My 10 year old son (then 9) just recently had this as well. He was ordered by an orthopedist to stop all activities that affected the heels for one month, or longer. As a result, he did not participate in P/E at school, did not go to the Park with his class (no running allowed) and took a short break from ballet classes.


He slowly eased back into ballet and although he had some discomfort it gradually faded and then seemed to have disappeared completely.


I think we were lucky and did not need to take any other precautions. I do believe you can also get some heel/pad inserts for your child's shoes, to help take cushion the heels.


This is very common and kids grow out of it once the heel plates are fused (which at this age they apparently are not).

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Our eldest was diagnosed with Sever's back when she was 11. Her orthopaedic at the time put her in 'heel cuffs' and sent her to PT for two months. She was rechecked by the orthopaedic after 8 weeks and again after six months. She wore the heel cuffs for almost a year, including in her ballet slippers, and the issues resolved themselves as her growth slowed down. . .


The Dr. had our dd give up running for a few weeks along with her tennis clinic. There were fewer dance restrictions for which she was grateful<g>.


I'd suggest you ask your orthopaedic or physical therapist about specific recommendations and/or limitations for your dd given her summer schedule. The list our dd had was very helpful to her and her teachers. Good luck to you both in her recovery!



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