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Teaching a twelve year old ballet...help!


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My sibling has a friend, a 12 year old girl, who is auditioning for a part that requires some ballet. Unfortunately, she has never had ballet training. She asked me if I could teach her some things so she can be prepared for this audition, and I know that trying to give her turn out and flexibility is out of the question,(she could get seriously injured) so what should I show her? I was thinking of teaching her the six foot, arms, and arabesque positions; is that enough? Does anyone have any suggestions of what to teach her without the risk of injuring her? She just needs a general knowledge of it so I don't want to get too deep. :D



Nutmegdancer :thumbsup:

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Lotsaluck, Nutmegdancer. :thumbsup: If they need a ballet dancer for the role, then they need to find a trained dancer. You can't teach someone enough ballet for this kind of thing in a few hours. I've been teaching forever and ever and I would not have a clue what to do with someone in this situation. Knowing a few positions I don't think will do it, and how can they move like they have had training without those positions?

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I am in total agreement with Ms.Leigh. :D Respectfully tell your sibling's friend you would love to help, but it is not possible. :thumbsup:

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Unless the part is like Essie in You Can't Take It With You, but then she's supposed to be awful at ballet. In which case, being any good at all could hurt you.

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