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Heel Pain

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Just letting all of you know that my plantar fasciitis is almost gone! Yeah! I got up this morning with no pain at all. I still need to wear a cushion under my heel when I dance so I'll have to find something for the inside of my ballet shoes. Does anyone know ballet shoes that have a more heel friendly structure? I'm thinking of buying those character shoes with a slight heel to them that you can still point your foot in. Right now I'm using those dance sneakers with a cutout arch. They work pretty good but they don't slide across the floor very well and stick some on frappe' and turns.

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I know I PM'd about this but for the rest of you....teaching shoes have a little heel and are supposed to help. They are sure easier to add padding to. The Sansha ones look most like ballet slippers.

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I have asked that this thread be moved as it seems to be a shoe thread.


Another reminder - please do not post on a health and nutrition thread until a med mod has responded, even if the thread seems to be in the wrong forum.

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