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Hi All!

I have been searching the forum for adult class recs in Kansas City, but not quite finding what I need. Can anyone give me some recs? I am looking for a slow intermediate (but would joyfully take anything you can suggest!). Thank you so much!!


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Tonight - at Kansas City Ballet's Prairie Village location (95th & Nall behind the Tien Tien restaurant) at 6:30 there is an Intermediate class (1 1/2 hours) then a Beginners class at 6:30 on Thursday. (1hr 15 min)


There is a Wed class if you don't work - it's 12:00-1:30.



Let me know if you are going to go! I will be there.


I have cards to use up!

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Oh, awesome, thanks so much guys!! I really appreciate the responses! I'm looking forward to trying a class!

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There is at least one adult/open class on Thursday mornings, from 10-noon-ish, at American Dance Center, located at 119th and Quivira. Kristopher Estes-Brown and Jen Tierney would be the ones to ask if you call that school. The word on the street is that the technique there is wonderful; they lean a bit toward Vaganova, but had amazing Balanchine guests in for several weeks to teach their intensive.

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Kansas City Ballet has open classes you can try... they're very recreational and have them both at downtown and prairie village locations. try kcballet.org :thumbsup:

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Hi there. Are there any Balanchine schools in the Kansas City area? Or, if not, can you recommend a good school for a 10 year old boy who is in level 5 (the equivalent of the second year of pointe for girls)? His entire ballet training has been at a Balanchine School so we would prefer that but would be open to another kind of school as long as he won't have problems since he hasn't been through a formal Vaganova curriculum. We have been told by some that there isn't much difference since it is all based on classical ballet with only variances of certain steps (and he has learned the classical variances at ABT summer workshop), but others have said that Vaganova is so different and specific he would be totally lost and would be considered a pre-ballet beginner again. I know he would be crushed by that so somewhere that would be accepting of his Balanchine training would be preferred. Also, any chance that he wouldn't be the only boy would be fantastic!!

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Although you probably would want to phone them, I believe that the Kansas City Ballet company primarily has Balanchine style-trained dancers, so I would expect that the KCB school would offer at least some Balanchine based classes as well. A visit to their website and perusal of school faculty backgrounds might clarify this for you! Good luck!

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A friend of mine is moving to Wichita, KS, and she asked me to help her locate a ballet school. Does anyone know of any good ones? Thanks in advance....


(P.S. There isn't a designated thread for just Kansas that I could find, so if this has to be moved, I apologise, but it seemed like the best place to put it)

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Thank you so much, Ms Leigh!

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Looking for current informative on Kansas City Ballet School’s Day Program please

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What do you want to know? My DD's are getting ready to spend the year there, but we are obviously new to the program. I might know some helpful details about it, but haven't actually been through the program at this point.

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I met with the school director about the program and have some information if you have questions. I’m not attending, but I did a lot of research and talked to several students and teachers there this summer. 

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