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Freaking Out and Confused.


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This is probably just nerves speaking but,


I am flat footed. Flat as a board. :[ However, my flexible ankles and feet make my arches look decent. I really want to be professional, but now, looking at my feet, I'm freaking out that they're too low and are bad looking. I always have to get a high vamp because of flexibility, and fitters QUALIFY me as high arches. But now, I'm no so sure...


Two different things create conflict in my small little mind. :)

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Dana, I moved this to YD because it is about your feet and professional potential, not about shoes.


Here is the problem. Your post does not really make sense, because you really cannot have flat feet and high arches at the same time. You might possibly have enough of an instep, along with the flexibility, to make your foot look good, however, there is no way we can evaluate your professional potential without seeing you. And of course that potential would be a matter of a whole lot of other things besides feet, too.

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This is a complicated situation

The podiatrist says I have flat feet, yet when ever I get fitted for pointe shoes, they always say "Oh, you have VERY good feet!" Which confuses me. I always end up getting a high vamp because they say my "arch" is popping out of the shoe.

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Good feet and flat feet are different animals. You can have good feet which are flat, you can have flat feet which are not good, and all the other permutations and changes which can be wrung from a truth table. It comes down to "If p, then q". If you get into a statement which is a contradiction, "If p, then not p", you get into logical trouble.

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Sounds like you have a high instep, which is somewhat unusual with flat arches, but, possible. If you have a high instep, then the high vamp is probably good.

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Yes, Dana, that would be a good thing.

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