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Hello! I am 16 and going to be a senior this coming year. I dance at the Rock School and we had to look into colleges and ballet companies this past year for our career development class. I don't want to go to college and I know I want to do dance professionally. I am hoping to get into a company and then do college courses on the side or online. Does this seem reasonable? I personally do not want to attend a college with a dance program. I would rather attend a company, but I am worried I won't get in to any?!!? Any suggestions on how to go about this whole researching.?

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livelaughdance, Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Please take some time to nose around our Board to see the wealth of information and discussions that we have to offer.


Your question is one that comes up often. We have had many lively and informative discussions on this topic. Rather than re-invent the wheel from scratch, so to speak, I'll suggest that you take some time to scroll through the various topics in this forum (Career General Discussion), Cross Talk, both Young Dancer forums, and the Parents of 13+ forums. Drop in on various discussions that catch your eye that are related to your question---there will be many.


If you find something that really interests you that you'd like to bring up for 'fresh air', please add your comments, observations, questions or concerns to spark the thread back to life. (If it is in an adult forum, though, post a link to it in this thread and we'll continue the discussion here where everyone may post. :pinch: )


I'd suggest a cup of tea and a comfy chair, though. I suspect you will have a marathon reading time ahead of you and you will learn many things and gain alot of 'food for thought'!

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