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Sorry if this has been posted (I tried looking through to see if it had, but I didn't find it...)


I'm switching to a new studio where the ballet classes are two hours long. For two of the six days I will be taking classes, I have the option of taking two levels.


My question is, would four hours of ballet a day be too much? Should I just stick with the two hours, or go ahead and add the other class?

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Do these classes include pointe? Do you have any other classes, like separate pointe classes or variations or pas de deux, or even jazz or modern? While you are still in school, I'm not convinced that two technique classes back to back are the greatest thing. I would rather see one technique and a pointe/variations/or pas de deux, or a jazz or modern after a two hour ballet/pointe.


Since the second class is optional, maybe you could take it some days, but not every day.

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Both classes would include:

some mat pilates

regular technique class




I would be taking both Modern and Jazz, but those are on separate days as the two Ballet classes. I also have one class a week (one hour) dedicated to just pointe, but the other technique classes incorporate pointe into them.


I would love to take as many hours as I can, I was just wondering if it would do more harm than good.


The idea of taking it sometimes is a great idea, thank you!

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I think you have a pretty good schedule, so, I would just listen to your body in terms of the extra class. If you have a lot of work at school and you are tired, don't do it. If you feel like doing it, do it. As long as you get all your regular classes, you should be okay.

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