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My little celebration is finally getting back to class after 5 months of surgery, recovery, exhaustion and complete overload at work.


In my first class back I did a series of three nice doubles in a combination which included a sequence of 3 pirouettes one after the other: en dehors from 4th dropping into a lunge to go into an en dedans turn, then landing into 4th to do a further en dehors turn. The second time to the right, I got doubles each time! The left side is another story ...


And in a couple of weeks I'll join others here & do class on the stage of the Albert Hall!

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Albert Hall....isn't that in a Beatles song? (Hit a HUGE Beatles phase when I was 16.....)


Redbookish, that drink sounds....absolutely delightful! Now, how do I get my hands on it in the American South?

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I have a couple of shows in September that I'm already obsessive about:) and a new website I launched for the project I'm involved with. the website in a work in progress :o ...


Check us out!


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I have just realised that everything looks immensely more impressive and convincing if I keep my shoulders pressed down and stretch my neck reeealy long.


Also, we have a new teacher who is making us go back over basics that may have been glossed over. It may sound really boring, but as someone who didn't do any ballet as a child, getting a proper grounding in the essentials (spotting, lots of shifts of weight to stop hip hiking, etc) is fantastic.

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That's so cool Lampwick!


My champagne

Yesterday I was in the Musical theatre class, and my teachers were showing us a move. And after I did it, one of them said: "For my ballerinas in the room, make sure you don't..." And he was looking at me. *big grin* I guess it was because I was instinctively pointing my foot and it became too ballet like.


Me... a ballerina. Makes me so happy to be called that. :flowers:

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I went back to class for the first time in about two years on Tuesday. Not only that, but I really liked the new school!


It's going to take an aggressive combination of Pilates and ballet to build my strength back up, but I'm so excited about it, and the teacher is fantastic.

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Albert Hall....isn't that in a Beatles song? (Hit a HUGE Beatles phase when I was 16.....)


yup, I believe its in Day in the Life.

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Not quite a champagne moment yet, but I got invited to audition this month for the chorus of the Belgian touring production of Annie. Dance audition one day, singing audition the next (and hopefully a callback later that week). I don't think the dance audition should be very hard, there's not all that much dancing in Annie. I'm so excited!!! I'm not getting my hopes up too high, but I wil try my very very best.

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Have you gotten your strength back enough to go through an audition and potential show already? Unbelievable and wonderful.


Toi Toi Toi.

I think that is how it went in my days in Europe.

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Well, I'm not quite where I want to be yet. But I'm not expecting an extremely hard dance audition (and it's only an hour long, so how hard can it really be?) and the performances are not until the holdiays. So should I get this, I'll have plenty of time to build up strength over the summer before rehearsals start in the fall.


I can say that over the months, I have gained several pounds, I regained part of my lost strength and endurance (though not nearly enough) and I've started to enjoy life a whole lot more. It's still a struggle, but it's getting better.

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I hate new pointes that are not broken in yet...I was wearing my new pair friday in class and the left shoe was so hard and uncomfortable to wear that I was dancing horrible. After class I took the shoes and bent the sole until it made CRACK really loud. I was afraid that I have broken the sole but.....NOOO, the shoes are perfect now! They just feel great and I was happy :ermm:

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Okay....I'm cinching my economic belt and headed back to class! There are classes offered throughout June and July, and I'm hoping to take ballet and a modern class. I've never taken modern before, but I'm hoping it will be my fluidity and improvisation.

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My June Champagne moment...I've started increasing my class load and began taking twice weekly classes in a nearby town in addition my teaching schedule and regular classes. The class is a lower level intermediate and most of the girls are pretty young. But, I've enjoyed it immensely as the teacher is also my friend. So, we were doing waltz turns across the floor and after the second side she asked the girls to watch me as I demonstrated the "proper technique" of going through first (fifth in front) port de bra and the coordinating head positions. Talk about putting me on the spot! I immediately turned back and whispered, "I hope I don't mess this one up!" I appreciated the accolade but don't always like to be singled out as it sometimes leads to bad feelings with the other students. I think the joke lightened it up, though. :D

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I found a new class and teacher that I believe is a good fit for me right now. I took for the first time today. Need to miss next Saturday (celebrate anniversary with BF):wub: But I'll go back in two weeks.


I have a feeling I can learn a lot. Kind of excited about it, and wanted to share


Marjolein---me too :blink::D

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Champagne for the new teacher I had last night. I loved her class so much that I nearly teared up during the adage. She doesn't generally teach the adults, but for summer I plan to be in her once a week class every time from now on.

I was a mess in class for a while getting used to her and my new surroundings in the "big" studio for the first time. I could see everything! Too much really. I hit dyslexic mode trying to follow along with the wrong person occasionally (yes cheating on the memory) but loved every minute of it.

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