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My 10 yr old daughter has been offered the chance of another private class starting in September and we have been given a choice of two time slots for this. One would follow a regular group class and would give the equivalent of one long lesson and the other is on a separate day, meaning that she would have the opportunity to dance on three days instead of two, albeit only for a short time. The existing private class is 45 minutes, the syllabus class will be 55 minutes and the new class will be 35 minutes.


Any ideas which of the options is likely to be most beneficial to her progress?

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Right now, because the group class is so short, I would say add the the short private. Normally I would say add a day, but, that would be if her classes were an hour and a half, and the private an hour.

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I'd go for the one long lesson (so the class that follows on)... I think her mind would be in the right place and she would be warmed up and focused better than with shorter lessons perhaps?

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