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Progessing in dance without ,ehhm, moving?


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Because of health reasons, I haven't been able to dance since mid April. I will be able to dance minimally soon (depending on how the progess of my health is). Then, I can work up to dancing as much as I used to.

I am not allowed to move around or do anything that exerts a lot of energy. I have been getting so nervous that I am going to go back to dance and have lost a lot of technique. I know that it will take time to work up to where I used to be, but I still don't want to go back completely horrible. Are there any ways that I can still improve without moving? :angry: That sounds kind of wierd now that I say it, but i'm desperate! Help!!

I ordered the chineria foot stretcher from dance distributers, and my doctor said that I can use that. I would just do the tried and true tendus to improve my arch, but I can't really excercize to do them.

Thank you! Any suggestions would be very helpful!

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Grishkorina wishing you the best as you recover from your illness. As for getting back to ballet, perhaps your doctor could prescribe physical therapy to begin? If you have not been able to do anything at all for quite awhile, physical therapy is a good place to start. :angry:

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As your strength returns with the aid of physio what about hydrotherapy, the water would help support you as you exercise.

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Grishkorina the best people to discuss this with is your doctor, your parents and your teacher. They know you best. April really was not that long ago. It may seem that way to you because you are the one who has not been active, but really it is not. Remember your health must come first. :D

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Thanks for the help. You're right. It feels like April was years ago when in reality it wasn't that long ago. I'm hoping that maybe at my doctor's appointment next week I will be able to start moving again. I get to start with 20 minutes 3 times a week.

Balletpointe, thanks for the suggestion about hydrotheraphy! It sounds like a good idea. I might suggest it to my doctor.

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Hi Grishkorina, glad to hear you're on the mend. I haven't been able to dance much over the past several months because of health reasons either, but I found that what helped me most was staying flexible, and I also found it a good time to get lots of 'ballet research' done aswell, like getting lots of dvds and books, so at least it's a way of learning with out having to actually dance, good luck :shrug:

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Guest tipo'thetoes

I was going to suggest something similar to Pointe200. Would you be able to sit in and watch some ballet classes at your studio? You really learn masses like this, by listening to the teacher's comments and watching how other students do things. I expect you'd go back to dance with more understanding and awareness which would make you improve and regain your ability much more quickly.

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That's a very good idea! Thank you. Actually, my studio is having a summer intensive in a week. I could ask if I could sit in and watch the classes.

I have a doctor's appointment today so, I'll tell you about how it goes!

A good thing is that my arch and the flexibility of my ankle have become much better from all of the feet strengthing and stretching that I have been doing. Woo hoo! :D

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Good luck today! I hope it's good news, yes watching your school's SI seems like a very good idea

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Ahhhh!!!! My doctor's appointment today went really really well! I'm allowed to do 60 minutes of activity a week. I can either do one 60 minute class, two thirty minute classes, or three 20 minute classes. I was thinking that I would probably do the two or three with a private teacher. I know that 20 and 30 minutes are definately not enough time for a class, but I was thinking that I could just do a short barre. Which one do you think would be better? Oh, also I can stretch as much as I want! I'm so excited! :D

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I would suggest the two 30 minutes privates, and do your easy stretches before and the harder stretches afterwards. Hopefully, you could progress to a real class, or at least the barre of a class very quickly. If you could even do barre 3 times a week, after a week or two of the two 30 minute sessins, that would be good.


Good luck to you in your recovery. :D


PS - PARENTS, please check which board you are on when posting. I have left a couple of posts standing, but technically they should have been deleted. Actually, I missed this thread when that first happened, and as you see, once it happens, then it happens again. The posts are very good, but, the rules are the rules!

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okay, so this isn't advice, this is just a tip.


I know some dancers who had to take time off ballet for injeries, health stuff, etc.

One of the things that they did was take pilates classes and did core strenthening excersises as well as thera band work to try to help keep in shape.

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I had taken dance off for 5 months due to money issues and it takes a little bit of work and drive to get back into the swing of things however dance is like ridding a bike so it should come back fairly easy! Hope it helps! and best of luck eith your illness!

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