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Ballet Schools in CT - Easton

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Good Morning,


I have a student who is moving with her family to Easton, CT. She is only 9 years old, but her parents want her in a good ballet school in the fall. It does not have to be professional training quite yet; however, it does need to have solid ballet training.


Is anybody familiar with the area? When she is older, and if she decides to choose pro training, they will be happy to drive into NYC. For now and the next 1-2 years, they are looking for something closer. Any ideas?


I greatly appreciate any input. :D


(If I have chosen the wrong forum in which to post this topic, I apologize. Please move it wherever necessary.)

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These two schools have great reputations for their training, and I believe are the closest of their kind to Easton. There are many schools down that way, but only a handful stand out.


16.6 miles from Easton's town hall

Academy of Ballet Etudes


17.9 miles from Easton's town hall

Ridgefield Conservatory


I used to live in that area, but now live in northern CT. Later on, if that girl stays in ballet, her family might want to consider Nutmeg Ballet in Torrington. It's a very easy ride, 54 miles from Easton, as compared to going into NYC.

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My daughter has taken classes at both schools, and we were very impressed with Ballet Etudes....too far from us, but they have excellent teachers, and it is one of the few schools offering enough serious classes at higher levels.


How far away is Greenwich from Easton? I understand Greenwich Ballet is also very good.

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