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Teacher's reaction to leaving the studio


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I told my AD and ballet teacher today that I would not be returning to the studio in the fall. At first she tried to guilt me into staying, but after I explain that I needed a school that focused on ballet she told me that I shouldn't tell the other students that I am leaving.


One of our main teachers recently left, so many students are emotional at this time and our AD believes that her leaving and my switching will cause an emotional reaction in the students causing them to leave the studio.


Is it okay that I go ahead and tell the students, at least those that were in the company with me (for four years!!!), that I am leaving on the last day of class so that I can say goodbye and have closure, or would to be better for me to listen to my AD and just leave without saying anything?


I'm at a loss as to what to do, I want to respect my AD's wishes and keep a good relationship with the school (not burn any bridges), but I also want to say goodbye to the girls that I have been dancing with six days a week for four years!

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jessicanicole42191 leaving a school is always a difficult decision. :D The process of making the decision takes longer than the goodbye. The fact that you have chosen to tell your AD shows what a polite young person you are. :thumbsup: Many would not say a word, they just move on. :shrug: You must do what is best for you in this situation. If saying goodbye is what is in your heart, than by all means say goodbye. Students come to a studio and leave a studio everyday, all over the world. Please do not feel as if you are alone in this. Remember to thank all who have helped you to grow over the four years you have spent in this studio. Your idea to say goodbye on the last day sounds mature and responsible. Remember, there are many options for continued communication. The telephone, text messaging, email and snail mail are the ones that come to mind. :thumbsup:


Enjoy your new school. :D

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Thank you, I will definitely say goodbye on the last day of class. I am planning on giving some flowers and a nice card to the AD, staff and teachers at the studio as well, as a thank you.


I am very excited to start classes at my new studio :D

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