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Im 14 and have about 5-6 solid fouettes on pointe, and at least 20 on flat. It varies slightly. Anyway, sometimes when I fouette I have a tendency to "travel," or move slightly left or right as I turn, and eventually fall over completely in that direction. Any advice? :shrug:

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If you are falling to the right, pull up the right side, (use your back and abdominal muscles), and move your spot to the left a bit. If you are falling to the left, reverse the above. Learn to relevé in one spot by moving the foot under you instead of moving over to the foot. In other words, use the spring up instead of the roll up relevé and that will also help you stay in one place. If all other things about your center are under control and if you have the strength to do more one foot relevés without traveling, then it will all be the same for fouettés. :shrug:

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Hello! :shrug:

I had a similar question- in my fouettes en pointe, I spring under, but then I move to the direction that I'm springing under to. (In fouettes to the right, I travel to the right, and on the left, I travel to the left.) I don't fall over in that direction because I think I'm engaging my back and abdominal muscles, but eventually I run out of room. :blushing: When you spring up, does your foot kind of jump out and down to the side a bit? I'm confused on how it can roll through and move back to its original place before the springing. (I also have this problem in other steps en pointe.) Help! :unsure:

Thank you!

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Josiex33, you must also spring down! :unsure: The spring up occurs under the front of the ankle. The spring down, you must put your heel down under your hip by shooting the supporting toes and the supporting knee in the direction side as you demi plie. It really does take practice. Begin by practicing simple releves on two feet and on one before you apply the action to turning movements. Once you understand it without the turn, practice consecutive turns from 5th before you do the fouettes. Ask your teacher to work with you a bit after class so you are sure that you understand.


You are very welcome. :shrug:

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I just said this on another thread, but I'm going to repeat it here, just to remind all of our young dancers that quality is much more important than quantity. Lots of pirouettes of any kind are really useless unless they are good, clean pirouettes, with control of placement, position of working leg, rotation, spot, and being able to finish it by lifting out of it and not crashing down. I would love to see dancers pay more attention to what their turns look like than how many they do, especially until they have really achieved the needed quality of the turns. :shrug:

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Josie, please do not allow that to happen again. We cannot allow two people to post using the same name. Your friend needs to register under her own name.

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