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A question about foot shapes

Mabel Mae

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This is something I've been wondering for a while now. My DD is 9 and has very narrow feet. Her big toe is very, very long. The second and third toes are joined, not only with skin but also fused inside by bone. Is she every likely to be able to get on pointe? They won't start trying her until she is 12 or 13 at this dance school but I want to be prepared for the worst.


Her dance teacher mentioned a liquid silicone that can be poured into the shoe and then it will mould around the foot and set helping with spreading the weight to the other toes and supporting them... is this something that is commonly used thesedays and will this be the right remedy for her?


She loves her ballet and is being pushed up through the grades by the teacher as they've told me she has amazing potential but I don't want to push her if this will prove a problem for her and am making her keep up her tap and modern classes to keep her options open.


Any advice gratefully received.

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I've never come up against a student with fused toes in the manner you describe. I suppose that all to be done is to train her as correctly as possible, then try! I did teach a couple of students who had a sort of functional stiffening of the second and third toes. For one, it was great! The "off" toes acted like two additional carrying toes. The other only had unbearable pain, and couldn't continue with pointe.


I'd hold off on applying technology until we see what her training provides for her. Patience will really be a virtue in dealing with this situation! :shrug:

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How does she handle demi-pointe? Can she stand all the way up on the ball of her foot?

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