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My daughter is about to take her grade 8 exam RAD syllabus, and would like to attend a free class, but at 15 is too young for the adult class any suggestions. Location Battersea/ Hampshire

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If she is willing to travel up to central London, she could try either the classes at Danceworks or at Pineapple. Both do advanced classes which have both adults and advanced students in them. As far as I know, they both offer a mixture of daytime and evening classes.

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we currently travel to Battersea twice a week but do not have the time for central London due to the extra distance, we are hoping that they would make this into a non syllabus class as they have different needs to the adults as mentioned in the adult ballet thread. The term finishes next week and they may make a decision before September.

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There are not many classes that cater for 14-16 in a non syllabus class as most dance schools follow a set syllabus unless you travel into central London. Checked out both suggestions and although ballet is cater for extremely well during the day it is sadly only basic classes in the evening at Pineapple and class too early for us to make at Dance works, but extremely grateful for the suggestion as daughter may take a few classes at Pineapple over the Summer.

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Guest tipo'thetoes

Whilst your daughter does Grade 8, does she also do vocational grades? There is a school in Byfleet Surrey, which does non-syllabus classes for its vocational students. It could be within travel distance of Hampshire. Where in Hampshire are you? If you're going to Battersea for the RAD school, I think you'd find this school at least as impressive. The principal is an RAD examiner and is known for the results she gets with her pupils. Would you like the details?

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Tipo'thetoes, is the school you are talking about Susan Robinson in Byfleet? I have no connection with the school, but have noticed that the pupils regularly go on to main Vocational Schools and have been well placed in competitions such as British Young Dancer of the Year. They have an interesting web site, it may well be what you want, balletpointe.

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Looked at Suan Robinsons web site and it all appears to be slyabus cllasses, agree that this would be a good choice as she is an excellent teacher. My other problem is that I do not drive so have to realy on public transport. Yees she is taking the vocational grades, has her intermedate later this month.

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