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what do they look for?


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Hi, i´m wondering if someone please can tell me what do teachers in class look at in lessons?

I know that they look if your leg is turned out and strecth but is that all :yes:

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Oh no, dobby! They look for many, many more things than that! They look for placement, use of feet, port de bras, musicality, line, ability to move well, jump, strength, attitude, work ethic, intelligence in terms of learning and absorbing the information and corrections, etc., etc., etc.! There are SO many things involved in ballet that sometimes it is impossible to look at everything at once, and definitely impossible to correct everything at once! We have to pick and choose what to focus on with each student at this moment in time. But the spectrum is huge, and, hopefully, most teachers are very aware of all of the things to look for. :yes:

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whoa that´s a lot B)

it´s a hard job to be a ballet teacher aswell as a dancer :grinning:



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