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DVD/Videos: Raymonda (Classical, not Balanchine)

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I am looking for a recent DVD that includes all of the female variations from the classical ballet, Raymonda. Thus far, I've only found a 1989 version that the Bolshoi put out. I would prefer something a bit more recent, if possible. I am looking for a video to help me learn some variations that I am less familiar with than others... I have some time to kill during the summer off period :) . Anyway, the videos do not necessarily have to be full versions of the ballet or even performance quality (as in sets and costumes...I would like the dancing to, of course, be performance quality). I just need them for the variations purpose.


Thanks in advance! It has been a long time since I've frequented this board. It is good to have a place to go for things like this! :yes:

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There is a DVD of the Kirov's "Raymonda" with Kolpakova, but I don't think it's any more recent than the Bolshoi one you have. Still well worth owning, though. The variations are all danced beautifully.

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Actually, I think it's better to get versions of the classics which are older. Variations are a lot like used cars. It really helps to know how many hands they've gone through, and who did what to them.

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