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Arch Pain


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DD (12 years old) began her ballet intensive yesterday and says her arches are hurting, even when not dancing. I am a chaperone, so I am here and had a chance to look at her feet and see no signs of bruising, redness or swelling. Her RP fit her well and has no shoe complaints or pain when dancing, other than the arches hurting and more in the right foot than the left.


I did notice the classes are much more intense than what she is used to and for a longer period of time. Could it be that her arches are tired? What should I do for the pain...........ice, arnica, heat, a soak, swimming. Any of the above?


Your advice is appreciated.

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Ice! Fifteen to twenty minutes per hour as needed to alleviate pain. If no improvement, see a physician.

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Yep. Sounds like she's gripping or otherwise tensing, which all needs to be addressed by teachers and Med pros. Have her talk to her teachers. I bet you she's gripping.

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We did the ice, then she wrapped it last night before bed. We got to the studio and she was fine, then halfway through pointe I was walking by the studios and saw her flinch. At lunch she said it is only her right one and not hurting as much as yesterday. I rubbed arnica on it before her next technique class and had her elevate it in the chair across from her while she ate. In half an hour she said it did not hurt anymore at all. It also did not hurt after the last technique.


I wonder something else though. She bought a pair of flip flops before we left that have an arch in them, a hard arch and I wonder if that could also be the problem.


I'll ask about the gripping, but she's never done that before. On a lighter note, she was very impressed to have landed a "clean double" en pointe on her third day! Great teachers, great student!!

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Hello All-


This may not be under the right category & I hate to start a new topic for one question, but do move if necessary...


I have my DD experiencing Achilles. She still participates during barre, but is afraid to do jumps. It’s not severe "yet" but I would like to know what causes it & what can she do so she can prepare herself or heal before her SI.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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Achilles pain is an overuse injury. If it is minor, she can ice it and rest, meaning NO class at all until all pain is gone. Some ibruprofen or naproxen sodium (Advil or Aleve) if she can take that with no problem. If she continues to put the stress on it, it will not heal. It is impossible to do barre without stress on that tendon. Pointing and flexing the foot, and demi plié and relevé are stressing it. Therefore, no class. Watch, make notes, learn.


I cannot tell you how long it will take, as every case is totally different. But if it is not healed by the time the SI starts, she should not go. If it is not better in a week, see an orthopedic physician who has experience with dancers.

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Yes, just don't massage the tendon itself.

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I wonder something else though. She bought a pair of flip flops before we left that have an arch in them, a hard arch and I wonder if that could also be the problem.


I don't know about the arch, but I do know that people tend to grip their feet a little when wearing flip flops. That would contribute to the problem regardless of what kind of arches the flip flops have.

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Going back I realized I never posted the cause or what we believed to be the cause of this. It was a new pair of flip flops that were given to her as a going away gift by a friend. They had a hard built in arch and once she stopped wearing them she was fine after a few days. Not sure if she was gripping them, but I know the problem went away.

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