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Confidence with pirouettes


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I had a sprained ankle like a year ago and it was very severe. The only thing that hasn't come back during recovery is turning to the left(My right foot was the injured foot) Lately I have been able to do doubles on the left but I really have to think about it mentally. Will this always be a mental problem or will I ever come over my fear of turning to the left?

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Hello dancinintherain! We are glad that you decided to come out of the woods and post after all this time. :)


The confidence will come back. It takes a while. We all have a weaker side, or at least most of us. There are a few dancers who seem to turn equally well on both sides, but not too many. Just do some extra work on that side for a while. :yes:

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It is funny to say but I had the same injury about a year and a half ago. I sprained my right ankle while in an auditoin doing piroutte combo. on point. coming back was really scary even after it was fully better. For a good time I was scared to turn to that side and was only doing singles where as before I had been doing doubles with no prombles at all. It does get better though it took me some time, and even now I still get scared. For me it was a matter of trust. I had to teach my body to trust itself it sounds kinda funny but for me it really worked I took some time outside of class by myself to go over what I was having troble with and why, somtimes I would even go into a studio by myself so then there was no one judging what I was capable of doing!


Hope this helps a little


best of luck<3

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Thanks! The words of encouragement have helped. It's just so frustrating because I know I can do it.

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