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Hip problem

{Polina Fan}

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My left hip has been giving me lots of issues. I'm not sure how to explain this...but it snaps. Not like a small pop, like a big pop as if it was stuck. I have to snap it several times a day, and it's really annoying, and it also hurts a lot to snap it.


Is this normal? I've only noticed it since I started ballet classes again.




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Nope, not normal if it hurts. Some snapping is normal in some people, but whenever there is pain involved, see a doctor!

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Ok! I'll go see a doctor!

Probably won't be able to get very far, though. I think I went to a doctor for this before and they prescribed physical therapy. We can't afford more physical therapy, and insurance won't pay for it anymore =P

But I'll most defiantely go check it out!

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Moderators, I hope that this post is okay. I know that we aren't supposed to give advice. Please remove it if it isn't acceptable. :yes:


Anyways, I have a pain just like this. My doctor told me that it was called "Snapping Hip Syndrome". From the research i've done online, it's common in ballet dancers. As I don' know of any exercises that help the Snapping Hip Syndrome, my doctor showed me one that helps hip tendonitis (sp?) which is commonly related to the Snapping Hip Syndrome.

I'll try to explain.. (again, moderators I hope this is okay)

First, you lie on your back. Then, you bring your left knee up to your chest. Then, you take the knee to the side (like, turned out). Hold it there and do the exercise a couple of times a day.

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Snapping hip syndrome is not unusual, however, when there is pain, then one needs to first find out what is wrong. It might be something more than that, but, even if it isn't, one needs to know what they are working on. She may or may not have hip tendonitis, or even snapping hip syndrome. That is the reason that we do not give advice without first a diagnosis!

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My friend and I both have a problem with our hips too. We both get sharp pains in our right hip. We both take five ballet classes a week, and we go to all the same classes. This problem comes and goes. I'm wondering if it's occasionally just a pinched nerve or what?

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This doesn't feel like a nerve or muscle thing, it feels like a bone thing. Almost as if the hip joint gets stuck and you have to pop it. It's not a muscle/tendon/nerve thing.

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How about a synovial sac thing? Remember, there are a lot more structures in there than are commonly discussed.


But to repeat, no pain, no problem. If you experience actual pain, head for the doctor. It may be quite harmless, but it is in your best interest to find out for sure.

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If you live near Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, all have Orthopedic and PT practices that have a sub-specialty for dancer injuries.

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