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Maintaining Strength During Growth Spurts


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It has been awhile since I have posted. My DD will be 11 in December and within the next year I can tell by her body she is going to hit a 2-4 inch growth spurt like I did at this age. It may happen sooner than later because I can tell by her body. She is already very slender with no body fat. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for us to try to help her in this process. Should we try Pilates/Yoga or any non-weight strength exercises? I was trying to think of something her and I could do together because it would not hurt me to do these activities as well. Her flexibility is not as good as some of the dancers in her class because she can't do a split. She has long legs and a long torso. I have told her that this will come in time but, I know that she needs to build core strength which is getting there. I have seen a vast improvement since we changed schools this last year. Her technique and gracefullnes are better. She just had her SI recital and I cried because she was beautiful on stage. Can you tell that I have not seen her dance in awhile? Thanks in advance for the advice.





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Do her teachers recommend that she work on her strength during growth spurts?

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