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Cycling or running?


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Which is best for building some strength and endurance without getting bulky muscles? I won't have acces to as many classes as I would like during the summer. I'm not planning to run or cycle miles and miles, just enough to build up strength and endurance. So, which would be best, how often and for how long?


I have used the seach engine, but I couldn't really find a thread which decided on either one.

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I've been cycling and have used the elliptical and don't have bulky muscles. On the contrary, I've noticed that , along with the ballet classes, my legs have actually slimmed down and I rather like them now! :-)

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Forget about any exercise building “bulky muscles.” Unless you do something like hard core bodybuilding that isn’t going to happen. Neither cycling nor running will likely make you stronger. Both can increase your cardiovascular fitness however. Running is more efficient in developing cardiovascular fitness in that just a little (even 15 minutes) does a lot. Cycling requires more time and much depends on the speed with which you cycle. Going slowly results in almost no benefit.


But as with all exercise, the most important thing is to do it continually. In that sense, I suggest you do what you enjoy. We keep doing what we enjoy and it’s the “keep doing” that really matters.

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If I were you, I'd go for the cycling, especially in the "just to get there" mode. Belgium is so good for cycling!

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I already do several miles of cycling nearly every day, just to get somewhere, but I'm not finding it enough. Belgium is indeed a good place for cycling.


Maybe I'll start running twice a week or so for cardiovascular fitness.

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It should be all right if you simply jog, rather than take full-stride running. The problem for dancers when we run comes from the leg behind, and our tendency to turn out. The lower leg tends to describe these circles in the air back there, and that's bad for the knees. Also the percussion of the feet landing can send shock traveling back up the entire body. Try to find a clay or grass path to run on, if you decide finally to run.

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