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Ballet Residency Programs - advantages and disadvantages

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Clara 76

I think this is where the amazing human spirit enters into it. It is possible, absolutely, for a dancer to catch up, maybe even surpass her peers. Is it likely/easy/inevitable, nope. But certainly possible. And I have seen it happen...


You have to remember that even those dancers with the best training may reach a point where they have hit their own plateau.


The human brain is an instrument of wonder.


Having said that, if there aren't some things in place, like having a facility that's well-suited for ballet, having an innate sense of line and placement, some level of presentation and being able to be open with an audience, a sense of musicality, and a drive that's palpable, then that would be a different story.

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Wow Grishkorina! You sound very mature and responsible!!! Congrats on braving the topic with your parents, which was more than I could do for a while!! Isn't it funny how they can be much more understanding then could be imagined? Well, best of luck! (I am also 'seeing how it goes this year') :flowers:

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