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My daughter over the last month or so has been learning a piece of contemporary ballet choreography that is to be performed next week, this is a group piece which involved a duet that contained lifts, today she learn t that for this part of the dance the girl understudying her is to do this part as she is lighter to lift, she was told that it was nothing to do with her dancing ability. My daughter is conscious of her build as she is slightly broad across her shoulders and slightly bigger than most in her ballet classes I think that this situation will make her even more conscious of this issue. She is mature to realize that in dancing things are always changing but it is hard to handle when it happens to you, the icing on the cake was the other girls attitude to her, now just trying to figure out what to say when she gets home.

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Well, the biggest thing for teens usually (even though they don't show it) is that they're afraid that you'll be disappointed in them. So my advice would be to kind of shrug it off and say, "Oh well, maybe next time" with a smile. Leave it at that, and see where she goes from there.


I would watch carefully for any signs of EDs in the near future, and perhaps even look into other schools in your area where children won't be doing lifts.


How old is she?

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She is 15, she needs to continue on this course as she attends a CAT center, luckily she performed last night in the youth dance company in Jonathan Lunn 's Reading Room, and has a ballet exam to focus on so will focus her on to these areas.

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Keep us posted on how she is, and how she handles this. Be sure you let her know you're not disappointed at all! :thumbsup:


I would be interested to know what the lifts were exactly....and who was doing the lifts with her. Was he a older pro co. member?

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He is 17/18, just spoke to her on the phone, now sounding more positive and happy for the other girl, glad that she was asked to perform this part, choreographer commented that the other child look better due to her size and as my daughter said it is about the over all performance as a group that matters.

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Very Good!!!! She's handling it well then. :thumbsup:

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