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So what are you finally getting right (or nearly right) in July?

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Hahah.. "nearly" right is the phrase for me.


Yesterday, my teacher did an unusually long petit allegro sequence (for someone of my level), with glissades, jetes, ensembles, ballones, turns, pas de chats, and pas de bourres. And I was like whoa.. usually she only does a few at a time. But I tried it gamely.. and the teacher looked and sounded surprised that I got it.


Hahaha. I was pretty surprised too! :devil: No brain-freeze this time!!!


Also in the same class, a newer student came to me and asked me if I did stretches everyday because I was "so flexible". I was in the middle of a split.. which I just got back last week.


And it was strange.. I had lost my split ability, and have been stretching a bit (not much) this year. Then I took a 2 week break from ballet, and last week, when I was in the middle of the stretches, which turned into a split... I found myself on the floor.

Whoa! What am I doing on the floor?? Apparently I can do a split now.


Not bad for little old me :)

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My studio seems to have gotten their act together after moving and will open for classes the week of the 14th (pending final permits). AND they're offering an "all you can eat" option for adult students for $720 for the whole year, a considerable savings from what I was paying per semester. With gas prices what they have been, it's been really challenging to drive all over DC to get to class. Here's to glorious new studios and class everyday! Woo-hoo!! :)

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Try driving in California metro cities :D . At least in DC metro, you have superior light rail/subway and bus systems. Here in Los Angeles and San Jose, most drivers are stuck with driving...the luckier ones carpool.



Looking forward to my graded (juvenile division) classes. I have 'liberated' myself from the open adult classes and have been placed and accepted in ballet academies.


I also started pre-pointe private classes. Hopefully, I will be able to dance on pointe in Nutcracker this year.

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I did a beginner version of brisees across the floor Monday. No real beats for me. It was the first time I have ever been presented with them broken down in class. I got about 3/4 of the way across the floor without giving out the first time on each side and 1/2 way on the second. Going from the left was kind of rough on the landings though. I guess I was less coordinated about it and the right knee didn't like it much.

I remembered the instructions enough to practice them in the pool today.

I also got a reminder of what a sissone was in class yesterday and practiced those in the pool today as well. There was no breakdown or practice of those in that particular class.


I sooo love the teacher of the summer Monday Wednesday class. I am learning new things each class.

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My teacher had us all do beats with sneakers on on Thursday. She said it's harder to do it WRONG in sneakers because your heels hit together.


We did entrechat quatre, royale and brisees in sneakers. It made us work our turnout muscles a LOT more!


I managed quite a few, as having sneakers meant a bit more cushion when I hit the floor each time. :-)


I don't know if this should be in the celebrations section or the whine section, but here goes:


I take private lessons in addition to the local intensive (where I'm 30 years older than the oldest student in the class!!). Same teacher for both.


Today, having moaned and cried LAST night about why am I doing this to myself, I confided the self-same moan to her. She told me about how much progress I'd made just in the short time I've been with her for the private lessons (I have noticed some of it) and that she's seeing a snowball effect - that I'm wanting more because I can do more.


Okay, fine. Then she goes into our "torture" session, which is what I'm going to call it now, and I've made so much progress that I'm no longer allowed a "stretch partner" for our back exercises, in the regular intensive class. Her comment at the end was, "You are ready to be pushed now...."


She's a fantastic teacher, and now I'm afraid....very afraid.... :sweating:

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I'm so happy for all of you having good classes and strong summers. :sweating: Keep the inspiration coming!

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Well done all of you! :sweating:


Here's a little tip to help you with batterie - think that both legs are doing the beat and not just one - why is it called entrechat quatre because two legs are making two movements! Go for it! :thumbsup:

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MAJOR celebration in my house today!!! Since I found out about the Adult Dance Camps in Richmond, I have been crazy to get there in August 2009. I have been having 'negotiations' about it with my husband, who was SO not keen about me heading off to America (we have never taken separate holidays before), and I was starting to despair about whether I could get there without having major dramas. However, this morning (O fabulous day!) rather out of the blue, he volunteered to "take me to America"!!!!! (Just another reason why I love him so much, particularly as he really doesn't 'get' my love of dancing.)


Now all I have to do is locate a golf course nearby, so that he will be happy during the day...



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As the Adult Dance Camp actually is in the center of the city of Richmond, check the number of miles just below each name on the list...




And congratulations! You'll love it! If you are in the first August session, we might even meet! :-)

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Thanks for the tips on the golf courses, Serendipity. And it would be great to meet some of the people on this board at the camp - I've never been to the USA before, so it would be nice to feel I had some 'friends' at camp. You'll know me by my Aussie accent!



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All the way from Australia??? Wow! I used to live in Adelaide - was there as a student many moons ago, at the South Australian College of Advanced Education (now part of Adelaide Uni, iirc) -studying dance.


That would be so cool to meet you! :-)

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I finally managed to get off the floor high enough to fully point my feet in the air yesterday!!! YAY!


Considering my age, weight, and infirmities, I'm pretty pleased. Also garnered a "nice plie" from the teacher in one of the combos we did. At least, I THINK that's what she said. I was so busy concentrating that that's what I HEARD. She didn't give a correction after that comment, so I guess it was okay. :yes:

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I'm so pleased!!! Got permission from the head of the dance school to take any classes I want in ballet. So I'm taking 6 ballet classes, 1 pointe class and 1 beginning lyrical class over the week. The schedule just about fits with my work schedule - only one class will be a rush to get to. AND I get to take from my fave teachers, as well.


Yes, they're mostly kids' classes but at least I'm allowed to take them. The director of the school was shocked when I told her that most of the schools around our area won't allow adults in kids' classes. She thought it absurd.


If I find it becomes too much for my body, then I'll scale it down, but for now, it's great!! :0)

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