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Trouble with steps on pointe


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When ever I do (or at least try to do...) things like temps leve or poses on pointe, I find it really hard to keep the leg that will be stepping onto pointe first straight, (like when I plie and degage from 5th to step on pointe I always end up bending my knee). I guess I'm just scared of not getting up onto pointe properly and falling or skidding or something like that. In general I love pointe work, but I just can't get these things right, and they're very simple! Any advice or ideas on how to improve this?


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Pointe200, this is a technique question. I think you're a member of the Teens 13-16 group, so I've moved your post to that forum, where it will receive the expert attention of our Teacher moderators. :devil:


Please let one of the moderators know if this is the wrong forum!

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pointe200, you need to PUSH from your demi plié leg and get your body weight moving forward, over your leg. If you don't push from the plié, and the weight is back, you cannot get to pointe with a straight leg AND that will cause you to slip more than anything else! :) Pointe is not for the timid. You must attack it! The last thing you want to do is hold yourself back from really moving and getting over that leg! :devil:

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Thank you very much Ms Leigh :D , I'll definitely work on it and I'll post how it goes

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I have a problem with this step en pointe too. I can do it on one leg but not the other. Is it just a mind over matter thing? Or are there any specific muscles to focus on or anything to make me feel more secure when doing the poses.



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It can be an asymmetry issue, but usually, it's a mind over matter...uh...matter. If the tendency doesn't appear on demi-pointe, then it's certainly the latter.


In addition to the PUSH image, try thinking of REACH with the working leg.

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Absolutely reach with the working leg, but just be sure that you are still pushing from the plié leg AND moving the body weight forward! :yes:

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