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Hi, My name is Julia and I'm fifteen years old. I'm new to to this website and also new to ballet! (well, to be honest I haven't even started)

I've recently moved to an apartment that is located right next to a ballet school. Every afternoon heaps of beautiful, fit dancers walk out of that place and I think "Wow, If only I could be like them..."

And why shouldn't I! So I've decided that I want to take ballet classes and I'm very excited.

The thing is, I've never done any sports and am not the most fit person (Not overweight just...not fit)


And now I have the whole summer with practically nothing to do and I think it is the perfect opportunity to get in better shape. I really don't know what to do for excersize though, or stretching...or anything, help me out? also, I have access to a gym. :D I am very very determined to do this.

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Have you checked out the school about open classes? Open classes are drop ins and anyone can go. Usually they have certain levels. You should see if they have a beginner class. Don't feel discouraged about this because ballet can be for anyone. I know where I go, the teachers are always welcome to new people who haven't had training and just want some exercise!!


Good luck and welcome to the boards. :D

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Welcome, Ijust and dancin, to Ballet Talk for Dancers. As this topic is not really Health and Nutrition exclusively, I'm going to move it over to Young Dancers 13-16. Some of our forums have a little etiquette attached to them, for example Health and Nutrition and Young Dancers both have a tradition that's worked well, of letting a moderator respond first before add-on information is posted by others, but the information dancin has given isn't bad at all.

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