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July Whine and Wine Couch

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Here it is. My first whine of the month.


I saw the family checkbook yesterday.

The paycheck was in and the bills were paid and AAAcccckkkk, there wasn't much left for the next two weeks. I had a talk with the Hubby and found out it is actually a good thing....starting in November.... but things will be extra tight until then. I am glad I already bought all my extra dance wear for camp but OH NO!


Now is when I had extra classes planned for preparation for Dance camp.


Now is when we have a house guest and expenses come up.


Now is when gas prices have gone nuts.


Now is when I have to cut back on the ballet classes instead. :)



Pass the bottle please.


I have started a little work that is supposed to pay but it is looking a little fuzzy as to when and how much because it is for a new family business.


OW My credit card hurts.


I'll have another round please.


Maybe a little hot whiskey and honey for my unfortunately timed sore throat too...

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I'm seeing my mom in a couple of weeks across the coast. A fun trip planned to see some old friends.


Mom's had some ankle pain that's been getting worse for a number of years. She's now unable to walk without significant pain, which prompted a trip to specialists. My parents are very reserved, and won't share medical information. All I've gleaned is that the doctor thought her "bones looked funny". No other info otherwise. This is a genetic issue...several member's of my mom's family have has this "mysterious" ankle issue, and ended up in wheelchairs in an early age. Mom's just 60. And I just learned about this when I called for Father's day this month.


I feel her frustration, wish I could help more, and am frustrated she won't share details from the doctor (though I respect that she doesn't want to)

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I'm back to my country. I still don't know what I feel about it. I cried for weeks when I was leaving France though I thought I was highly frustrated and stressed there; but now I'm in cultural shock in my own country, I still keep on speaking English or French with everyone without knowing it. Damn it is so hard =/

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I tried a new class this week in my search for new classes. It was disappointing. It was only an hour long (what can you get done in an hour?) with way too much focus, given the limited time, on stretching, crunches and other floor work. Not to mention it cost me more than any other class I've taken, even though it was 2/3 the length of a normal class! I really want to take class three times a week but this one just isn't worth it. :lol: And I found out one of my studios is closed for two consecutive Fridays, so there are two more missed classes.

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Had a good class on Thursday! Even did some pointe work at the end; one of the teens was getting ready for SI.


Got accepted for graduate study-master's program for family nurse practitioner! :) Now if I can only sell my house so that I can move to live with my brother & have cheaper lifestyle to afford graduate study....and its a bad time to sell a house but oh well....


Celebrating my birthday next weekend in one of my favorite cities with friends!


Laschwen, we'll be on a budget together. I've been eating out less lately & cleaning out the freezer-been needing to do that for some time, and trying to drive less-good thing my work is closer now than it was last year.


Lampwick, my thoughts are with you. I'm sure its very hard not to know all the details.


Skyish, good luck with the culture shock, I'm sure that will take some time to adjust.


Jet, at least you tried something new! that is always good!

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I went ahead and had more than one glass of a nice blue beverage last night and I am feeling much better today.


Try asking for the sake of your medical future. Just ask if there is anything about her ankle that is hereditary that you should be tested for or should try to prevent since it is not just your mother that has had trouble like this.

I had a Grandmother who thought anything congenital in your medical history was something to be ashamed of and nobody could talk her out of it so try not to fret if that doesn't work for now.


My husband is looking seriously at buying a little scooter for in town use. I could ride it when I go to the YMCA but I am a wimp about the weather and allergies these days, so I am not sure how much I would use it and it does cost 2 grand. I did use to ride my bicycle to work all year round in my early 30's but it was 4 blocks away....

It sure would save gas. The ones we are looking at get 110 miles to the gallon and he says he would use it too. I don't know. He doesn't use his motorcycle much because he doesn't want to ride it while wearing a suit.


I think my recent bout of feeling "sickly" was really allergies topped off with hot flashes that I mistook for feverishness. Did you ever feel like a Moron? I missed ballet classes for that!? UGH.



You gave me a little giggle. I used to live in Germany but never got a really good feel for the language. I did find that it improved vastly every time I went into France and tried to remember my college French. Occasionally I would understand what someone said but find myself utterly at a loss to answer them any time within the hour. I fully understand why much of the world finds Americans an uneducated lot when it comes to languages.

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AAaarrrggghhh.... I'm on a special supplement for joint/cartiledge repair and today it made me so sick I lost my whole breakfast. First time it's been THAT bad. :-(


That meant I also lost all the other vitamin supplements I took, as I take them with breakfast. *sigh*


Feeling better now but also ick. I know the supplement is working - major difference just this week, in the first week I've been on it. I took it a little differently today, though, trying more for the "normal," recommended sequence of the dose rather than spreading it out like I did after the first time (which resulted in immediate ick, but had had no breakfast so not a big deal).


I'm erring on the side of caution: I do need the other vitamins but I'm afraid to re-take them to keep from over-dosing. *sigh*


Sorry for the ickiness. May just spend the day in bed. :-(

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Scans came back and sesamoid is definitely broken, stuck in the boot for 3 more weeks. My podiatrist also let slip that she "hates what ballet does to peoples' feet and would prefer I didn't go back" but she is familiar with and recommended by dancers, so I don't know what to think. I wasn't even dancing when I broke it!

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AAaarrrggghhh.... I'm on a special supplement for joint/cartiledge repair and today it made me so sick I lost my whole breakfast. First time it's been THAT bad. :-(


Are you on L-Glaucasomine? I'm taking that for my knees too.

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Skyish: I hear you! Cultural shock has happened to me numerous times as I have moved from a Chinese culture to the American one, to the Swedish one and back to the Chinese one. Every time I moved, I got a shock. Ouch!!! Hang in there. You will find that you have a deeper understanding of the human conditions after having been through this shock :sweating: .


To those of you who have pain, I sympathize with you! Two weeks ago I hurt the front of my ankle when taking class at a studio that has recently renovated its floor. It had a concrete slab as subfloor previously but now it has a sprung floor. However, the surface is made of very slippery wood and I, having terrible turnout, had mistakenly forced my foot in the turnout position just a tad too much during the whole class. Luckily the pain and swelling are gone now. But that put me out of commission for two weeks.


And missing one or two classes means I get to miss the rest of the months' classes because the studios require pre-payment every month, so if I miss one class, the subsequent classes that week would be more expensive and thus not worth going -- being just laid off for the second time this year, I really have to watch the expenses! :thumbsup:


Pass the glass, please!

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I'm on something called phosoplex. It's much more potent than anything else that's currently on the non-subscription market. It upsets my stomach but I've worked out a breakfast diet and method that's manageable now. Just have to continue to be cautious. Usually if I'm not ill within 10 minutes of finishing the pill regimen, I'm okay for the rest of the day. Whew!

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