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Lost strength


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I had to leave my SI early due to family problems and extremely unsanitary issues (i.e. glass on floor, ringworm, wasp infestations etc.) and I took my first class back today. Man-oh-man! I had no strength!


Apparently I lost my ankle strength in 2 weeks at my SI, as they focused more on quicker combos that correct technique. What can I do to regain my strength relatively fast?


I have a placement class at a new studio on tuesday and I would like to be in the best shape possible.

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Dana, you have been here quite long enough to know that this kind of question does not go on the pointe shoe topics forum. It has nothing to do with shoes.


I think you are vastly exaggerating the situation. You don't lose that much strength while taking an intensive program for two weeks. Just go to class and work and you will be fine.

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No exaggeration here! I could not do a one footed releve in passe. I thought there was something wrong with my shoes, but I changed shoes and nope, no releve. :)

Honestly, my teacher was shocked at the lack of strength I had.

Now don't get me wrong, my technique on flat was remarkably better, but the pointe work was...not.

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I don't have pointe until Saturday so I'll sleep...ALOT, and hopefully my pointe work will be better.

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