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Placement class/Audition help


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Hi everyone!! So, I have a placement class for a new studio on Tuesday. Needless to say, I am very nervous.

This school is uniform (i.e. colors for different levels) and I am taking a level 5 class out of 8. Do you think it would be okay to wear a black leotard and a normal bun to the class?


Thank you!

Dana D.

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Dana, black is always the safest if you were not told a specific color to wear. What is a normal bun versus an abnormal bun? Anyway, definitely wear your hair in a VERY neat bun, no whispies. Make sure your tights and shoes are clean, and no holes! :lol: Good luck. Remember, it's just a placement class, not an audition. Go in with a happy and positive attitude and work hard, take corrections well and immediately apply, or try to apply, them. If you do that, all will be quite wonderful.

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Thank you!

I sometimes do a french twist in my hair.


I got 2 of my good friends to take class with me, so I will be a bit better.

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An update.

I got put in level 5/8 and they said they would re-evaluate me after summer, so I might be in 6/8.


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