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DD is doing Serenade at her SI and she would like to see it on DVD to help her learn it. (That's how she has been trained at home) I did a google search and I'm not having any luck. I found a blog that someone posted saying that Paris Opera Ballet released it but I can't find it anywhere.

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Dear bobbypinfinder,


Your DD is so blessed to be doing "Serenade" at her SI! My DD and I both find the music and choreography to be gorgeous. We have also searched in vain for "Serenade" on DVD in its entirety, but we were only able to come up with portions of it, and these had narration going on at the same time, about SAB and about George Balanchine, but they were better than nothing. We bought the DVD called "Balanchine" by Kultur. In 2006, I believe, DD did the SI audition for SAB, and they handed out free promotional DVDs about SAB which were very nice, and portions of student performances of "Serenade" were on those. If you know someone who auditioned that winter and has one, that might help. Maybe SAB would send you one if you request one. Good luck!

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According to this thread on BT, as of 2004 there was no publicly available release of Serenade. See RG's post (#9) -- he is an authoritative source. You could try asking over there, though; if one has since become available, RG (or someone else) will know.

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There was a great performances where NCYB did Western Symphony and Serenade I have it on tape and then transfered it to a DVD. This may fall under the ones that PBS recorded but did not have permission to sell, but you could check out the Dance in America/PBS site and see if they have it for sale.

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DD is doing Serenade at her SI and she would like to see it on DVD to help her learn it. (That's how she has been trained at home)


Precisely the reason why the Balanchine Trust severely limits availability of his choreography in video form.

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