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Best Dance Magazines for Young Dancers?

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If this is posted elsewhere, I apologize, please feel free to move or close.


There are many dance magazines out there. Are there any that are geared specifically towards the Young Dancer or are they generic, covering all age groups?


DD (age 10) would like to subscribe to a dance mag. - we just don't know which would be appropriate for her age group (preteen - teen). If there aren't any age specific ones - which magazine could she benefit from the most? :devil:


She enjoys reading/looking at Dance Magazine, but sometimes it's hard for her to relate as the content feels like it's for older or more established dancers.


What's a Young Dancer to do...any suggestions??? :yucky:

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Hi library lady,


Welcome to BT4D!!! Hope you enjoy it - there's a wealth of information here and everyone is very helpful and friendly! Happy reading!!!! :P


Thanks - We'll check that mag out...what about Pointe Mag???


She'll be going into Pre-pointe classes this fall. I wonder if this would be a good choice? Have you seen it? It may offer her some good tips, I've only seen the mag once and can't quite remember all the details


Cheers :blink:

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Hi right back at you!


I personally enjoy looking at Pointe Magazine but it doesn't seem to hold much interest for my daughter--in her world of Tiger Beat and Archie Comics, it's a little too sophisticated!


Have a good one!

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tee hee - My DD loves Tiger Beat, BOP, Pop Star, and M...she has to know the latest about High School Musical 3, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Bros...etc


Okay I know :) eh humm, now...back to ballet....

Will check out Pointe Mag again, but I think I agree, content may be too sophisticated for her after the aforementioned mags... :blushing:

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Useyourplie and Fairy -


Thank you both so much. I guess I'll have to get her some subcriptions now! Cha-ching, cha-ching...things do add up don't they!!!



I'm so glad to know there is a mag directed to that age group - great job!!!!


Cheers ya'll :):blushing:

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