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I signed a contract for 07-08 but got out of it between the SI and the start of the season due to injury, burnout, and depression. Now that I am getting back into dance and trying to find a new job, I am wondering what to say if anyone asks me what happened to my previous job. Ultimately, the company wasn't a good fit for me, and I figured that I shouldn't keep destroying my body if I wasn't in the right place, but I wonder if this is going to make future potential employers think that I am A. broken B. untrustworthy C. unstable.

Any help?

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Why not focus on the injury as your reason for not fulfilling the contract, if asked? That's a legitimate reason. Depending upon the nature of the injury, I would then follow up with some discussion about what you have done to resolve the injury and prevent reoccurrence.


I see no reason to tell a prospective employee about your burnout, depression or bad fit for the first company. Remember, you are trying to put your best foot forward! So, focus on your strengths and what you have accomplished (you had a signed contract, but were unable to fulfill it, due to an injury. You are now healthy and strong and ready to pursue your ballet career again.)


If asked why you are not returning to the company where you first signed a contract, I would say that you think that there are other companies that will be a better fit for your style and goals and so you want to explore other opportunities. I would not disparage the company or indicate problems you had during the SI, etc. Keep things positive and focused on your personal career objectives.


I wish you all the best as you continue on your journey! :P

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Thank you very much! I got a bite today from a company I contacted recently and they don't seem to have noted the gap in my resume, so it looks like next season will have some good opportunities.

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