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Thanks for the reports :)


What did you guys do for lunch and dinner?

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There was a grocery store run done on Sunday evening, after classes. Most of us, if not all, had small (and I mean SMALL) fridges in the rooms, so we bought what was necessary. I have food issues - celiac and dairy allergies, so had to be careful about what I ate regardless of where it was.


We had a dinner out after the ballet store field trip and the Friday night meal after the videotaping, but that was about it.


There's a real "greasy spoon," as the hotel calls it (and they're right), up the road from the hotel - easy walking distance. Not sure what else is around.


Lunch was provided for us by the camp, though, as part of the tuition, so no worries - just make sure to get your order in when they say. They put out the order sheet right where you walk in, with a big sign saying "Don't forget to order lunch!" Lots of variety, even for people like me. :D


I ate in the hotel one evening - okay food but not worth the price. Ate at that "greasy spoon" one night - good price I think, for what you got. Reminded me of a lower-class Denny's if you can imagine such a thing. Really nice people there. :-)


Then munched out on the stocks of whatever I had from the store, the other days, when I felt like eating. I must admit a couple of days coming back from class, I just didn't feel like eating much.





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I am so glad you mentioned that and the part about ordering lunch.

I am allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, some lettuces, and can only manage Chicken if it is the antibiotic free kind. It makes eating group meals challenging. I am like the 3 year old who can't stand to have different foods touching each other, but for me, it is so I can pick what I can eat.

I was wondering when I would break the news to Heidi and ask if I would be able to manage lunch or need to bring something. What a relief that you managed. Lunch is the hardest meal of the day for me. I often just do a second breakfast. I guess I won't even bother Heidi now.


I figured the store run would be my lifesaver but a small fridge? I was hoping they would be the 3 foot high kind. I guess filling a trash can or disposable cooler with ice a couple of times a day will be in order.

Is there much of a freezer in those fridges or would one need to put a frozen meal in the one over at the studios?

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I am so glad you mentioned that and the part about ordering lunch.

I am allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, some lettuces, and can only manage Chicken if it is the antibiotic free kind.


It might still be an issue for you, Laschwen, if you're allergic to certain lettuces. I got a garden salad and fruit every day and brought my own packet of tuna to eat with it, plus a load of my own food. I have to be both dairy and gluten/wheat-free.


You have a good hour for lunch and can get something at the hotel if you get desperate, I'm sure. There are some salads available in "The Great Room" (I think it's called - the little bar off the entranceway to the hotel). They also keep a toaster and microwave in there for anyone to use.


Hospitality suite card was supposed to get us into the suite but the code apparently keeps changing so you'd have to get a new one each time you want to get in the suite. It's a pain and I didn't bother with it.


Those little fridges were VERY cold - my hard-boiled eggs froze and I had to throw them out as they were inedible after the first day. I saw someone else go down and hand over her frozen carton of milk to show the check-in staff. :D


Half of my checked bag was specialist food and food bars that I could use for energy between meals.


[Wow, only two guys, what a shame. Injuries and a new job prevent me from going this year. Ladies, you don't know how lucky you are to have men to partner with.]


Actually, there were three most of the time. And men from either the university or the school itself and the company came to partner, as well. They were all fantastic! :thumbsup:


Just got Ed's video in the mail today and watched straight through. Well worth purchasing if anyone's having doubts about the camp and how superb it is.

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When I am at camp there is a bunch of us that get together and go out to eat every night. Last year for example I went out for dinner all but 3 nights. Wednesday night I went to the restaurant in the hotel. I wouldn't recommended it and sat with one of the other campers. I waited an hour for my food and there was maybe only 5 other people in the dining room. Usually the night before our performance we will do an impromptu rehearsal performance and order pizza. and Then the last night we have the dinner. For those that arrive Saturday night we go to Europa Cafe. After the trip to the dancewear store, there are two place I've been; Amici, an Italian restaurant that kind of pricey, and then Nacho Mama's which is cheap. I've been to Nacho Mama's the last two times at dance camp, 2006 and 2007, and had the same waiter both times. A good place to eat near the hotel is Capital Ale House. (to get there just walk out the main hotel entrance and straight up 6th St two blocks to Main st. and turn right) There is also an Irish place called Sine not far from Europa and there is also a place called comfort, a little longer walk on the Corner of Broad St. and Jefferson St.

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Thanks for that info! I'll keep it in mind for next year. I was more or less on my own this time and didn't feel confident to go walking about the city (even if I COULD walk comfortably :) ).



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I think it is time for a "test pack" to see what space I might have for food. I am thinking Rice Noodle Bowls. They weigh nothing and all I need is boiling water but they do fill space.

I can have romaine lettuce and spinach, but I do best if the salad items aren't all put together for you ahead of time. Once they gunk it up with shredded cheese or creamy dressing I am done.

Tuna works. Luna Bars. Cliffs Bars. A lot of summer fruit.

Did you see any Rice Milk or Soy Yogurt in the stores? Any good gluten free snacks. You can PM me on that stuff.

I have Protein powders and a stick blender I could bring if it comes to that. I can live on fruit and cereal for a week.

I have been paired with a room-mate who has been there before so a lot of my general questions have been answered. I thought it was a great idea putting newbies with alumni.

Either way, I will now have some plan B ideas coming in for things like Pizza night. I can't be doing real Pizza. My excuse for pizza comes frozen with a rice crust, soy cheese, and spinach if I am lucky. It also gets doctored up at home.


Keep the experiences coming in....

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AH! You will be happy to note that the place they buy from does not gunk up the garden salad at all. The only thing you'll have to watch out for is type of lettuce. They use only fresh veggies and no dressing, cheese or croutons. If you want those, they do COME with it, but it's packets on the side instead of already added. :-)


I can't PM yet - too new to the boards. I actually didn't look for soy products because I didn't want the calories/sugar, which I have to watch, as well. I'm pretty sure they had them, though. Pizza is actually a lot harder to come by at that hotel than anything else, but if you can cope with any other microwavable meal, they have a microwave in both the hospitality suite (11th floor) and the bar/mini-restaurant downstairs (by check-in). I lived on Atkins Advantage bars since they're gluten-free, whereas Luna ones aren't. Don't know what Cliffs bars are though. Bought the Perdue gluten-free pre-cooked chicken packages. Two packages lasted me for four meals.


You can buy some of those rice noodle bowls at the grocers there. The shuttle actually WILL take you if you ask them, although they technically aren't supposed to go past a one-mile radius. They were lovely, though - very helpful. Even took me to my massage (although I got a cab back from that one). All you need do is ask and be ready with "baksheesh" as they called it when I was in Egypt (a nice tip - esp. for the ride to the massage, which was WAY out of their jurisdiction!!).


Make sure you mention that you have serious food allergies when you check in, and that you need a fridge in the room at the least. They'll make sure you have one, then. They actually ran out of fridges to give people during the June week.

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Supposedly they are driving us to a grocery store so people can stock up on food there.


I'm just more interested in making sure there's food like thai, korean, chinese and other asian places around the studio and hotel. I do not like sandwiches/salads.

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Er, ummm, there's very little around the hotel itself, within easy walking distance. You can walk about 20 minutes into a built up part or get a taxi or the shuttle to an area to get a meal such as you describe.


To be honest, I wasn't really up to going off after classes, I was so tired. I either ate my own stuff or had a meal at the hotel, or didn't eat. B)

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OK How much hard cash do we need to have on hand for the cab rides to and from the airport, the round trip tips to the grocery store, trip (tips or transportation) to the dance store, trips to) massage place, (trips to) restaurants assuming say 3 trips, snacks at the studio, and whatever other incidentals that require cash I haven't thought of just now?

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I must admit that I kinda wanted a real holiday, so I spent more than I would have normally.


$20 plus tip for cab each way for airport. You CAN have it added to your room but you'll still want to tip the driver in cash.


At least a dollar for each way for the shuttle driver. Cab fare to the massage place is around 7, plus tip. The massage itself is at a discount - I think 20% off for dancers from the camp. If you go, when you book, make sure that you tell them you're from the Adult Dance Camp. Also, if you DO plan a massage, book NOW. I had to cut out early from a class because all the evening spots were taken. You can get a massage STARTING at 7pm so you don't miss classes, but that's the latest they book massages.


Restaurant transport, I can't tell you about if you use a cab because I didn't use any for that. When we had the trip to the dance store, we were on the shuttle to and from. When we went to the Friday night dinner, same thing.


Snacks at studio are about a dollar or so. They have granola bars, some fruit and all that. I didn't buy any bars there due to allergy worries. Brought my own.


When you get your welcome packet, there'll be loads of info there that you can use. You do NOT need to buy anything for the recital performance - just bring pink, footed (or convertible) tights. Heidi's providing the rest. Also, you don't need a yoga mat for pilates - they have enough now.






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Er, ummm, there's very little around the hotel itself, within easy walking distance. You can walk about 20 minutes into a built up part or get a taxi or the shuttle to an area to get a meal such as you describe.


I'm not too worried, I've been to Richmond before and I've a really good friend who works within walking distance of the studio.


How do I book the massages? They didn't send us contact infos I don't think.

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Serendipity, I'm curious about the fact you mention being shuttled to and from Friday Night Dinner. Are you talking about the dinner after the performance? In my dance camp experience after attending a session each of the last three summers, We normally have the dinner in the Hotel.

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