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I need Durable Tights


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Oh yes, I agree with this. We have trouble with the high mineral content in the water in our area and despite using softeners, the fibers still tend to tighten a bit so regardless of gentle washing, air drying, fiber content/quality, and attempted careful handling, we haven't found tights that are quite durable enough just yet. I do not know what else to try to offset some of this hardening effect on the fibers but those that withstand the minerals the best thus far are Danskin NYCB and Body Wrappers mesh. We are always on the lookout for something that won't end up so "scratchy," as my DD describes.

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You got that right - yankee and useyourplie.


Danskin tights are absolutely the best tights ever. DD used to go through tights like water. But, ever since we got her the ultrasoft convertible tights, it's been so much better.

These tights have got staying power and longevity.


I finally had to suck it up and started hand wash them with my yarn soap. They seem to keep their color and not shrink. I afraid to stick them in the washer because they're to expensive to ruin!

Come to think of it...We've also had luck with Capezio too, ever since I started hand washing them - Sheesh! The things we do for our kids to save our wallets!!!


Her bathroom looks like my mom's with all they tights hanging over the shower curtain rail! Oh my...dare I say it...I'm turning into my mother!

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