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Swimming? Good or Bad?


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I am injured at the moment, I was droped on my tailbone during a rehersal, I have been out since may and while I was not danicing I wanted to stay in shape so every day since then I have been swimming anywhere between an hour to 45 min. I thought that I was keeping in shape but is my swimming going to hurt my dancing?

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I don't think the swimming will hurt your dancing, PK*SFBallet, and, if it helps to keep you in better shape, then that is good. :o Also, doing barre exercises in the pool can be very helpful! :thumbsup:


And welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :o

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thanks so much for your help, I do have one more question though......I am starting to dance again a little at a time until I am ready to take a whole class but do you think it will be a good idea if I continue the swimming onece a week when I am dancing full time again?


Thanks again


thanks so much for your help!

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That's what we've observed, too. It looks mighty peculiar to see a girl in a tutu and her shoulders might do credit to a truck driver! Yes, casual swimming is great, even doing barre in the water. And you can entrechat forever! Just pay attention to what your doctor lays out for you as a recovery protocol.

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Guest Chrysocolla

I recently started swimming every day, mostly just because I think it's fun. But I am also sort of taking time off (just 3 to 5 classes a week) because I am worried that I am going to injure my knee, and I don't want to get out of shape. It's probably really good for increasing stamina, and it loosens up my hips. I also really like doing developes in the water with a floaty thing attached to my foot. That way there is resistance in the opposite direction from gravity, which I think it pretty cool :blink:

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