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Wow, I haven't been to this forum in quite some time! Last time I was here I was a distressed ballet student realizing I just wasn't born to do ballet. I tried my hardest and though I am a very talented dancer (or so I've been told), there's no way my natural ability (for ballet) would get me anywhere in the ballet world. I was pretty down after I came to terms with this as I had put so much time into the disciplined and rigorous training as I am sure we all have. Then I went to college and met my best friend, who also happened to be in my same shoes. She made me realize that there are millions of opportunities in the dance profession, not just ballet. And I found hope again! Haha. But really, I am wondering... is it just as difficult to make it anywhere else in the dance world? I think I could shine in music videos doing hip-hop, but my training was in ballet. So then I'm up against people who have been doing THAT for years. I'm headed to a workshop at Broadway Dance Center in August to try out some different stuff and see if I have a shot... what do you think? Thanks :cool2:



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... there are millions of opportunities in the dance profession,


What a great realization! :o It sounds as if you are headed on a forward track! Keep your eyes and ears open while you are in NYC to see what possibilites may develop. As long as you are open minded the possibilities are endless. :cool2:

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Thank you, I hope you're right! Major Johnson, Ms. Leigh? What would you say to one of your students if they were in this position?

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I hope that I would have the forsight to say exactly what vrsfanatic said. :shrug:

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Wow, I remember when I first came to the realization that there was more to dancing than just dancing or teaching. Here in South Africa we only have two major ballet companies, the South African Ballet Theatre in Johannesburg and the Cape Town City Ballet in Cape Town. I would roughly estimate that each company accepts about five dancers each year, which means you have to be one of the ten best aspirants in the country to make it. I had to come to terms with the fact that I might not be accepted at either company, and was starting to worry about what I would do with my life if that had to happen. At the end of grade eleven I had to hand in a 10 000 word reseach paper for English, I decided to write my paper on Giselle, as I had just danced it with the Johannesburg Youth Ballet. I can't tell you in words how thoroughly I enjoyed writing that paper. I decided that if the proffesional dancer thing doesn't work out, I would really love to be a dance historian. Sometimes I wonder if I would enjoy it more than dancing!

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