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Is anyone familiar with the Mobile Ballet School in Mobile, AL? My husband has been offered a promotion that would force us to move to the Gulf Coast. He would be based in New Orleans and as much as I love that city, I have friends in the Mobile area so I think we will base out of there. (Yes, that is one crazy commute, but we already have a similar commuting situation here in the northwest)

In doing a local search, I haven't come across many schools, mainly the Mobile Ballet School, which I believe is part of the Mobile Ballet Company. We'll be going down soon to look at houses and I plan to see the school and such, but if anyone has any advice or experience, that'd be great! I don't want to end up with a dolly dinkle...;-)

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In New Orleans you have Giacobbe's - my dd has been there for programs ( we live in MS) and it is wonderful! Our teacher trained with the owner, Joseph Giacobbe. They have produced many professional dancers. They have a web site: giacobbeacademydance.com. We have also been to Mobile, which has a wonderful facility. But if you are going to New Orleans - Giacobbe's is the best place to train for classical ballet.

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balleballeyeballe, I have moved your post to this 'new' forum that we created to house threads just like yours! We hope to make it easier for folks to turn to this forum to find potential schools in the areas they need.


As you were also asking about New Orleans, please take a look to see if a thread for the New Orleans area has been started. The listings are alphabetical by State, then City. If there isn't one, please do feel free to start one!


Best wishes in your search and potential move. :)

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The AD of Mobile Ballet is Winthrop Corey. I see that the instructors do not have bios up on the Mobile Ballet Website but Mr. Corey has a short bio up on his costuming website:


Winthrop Corey Designs


I have not seen his company, just know his costumes. That said, you will need to check out the school. There are many companies whose abilities do not match those of the school in either direction. So best to research the school itself not just the names attached to it.

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I was going to add, I DO know Winthrop Corey! He has come to our studio, set ballets for us, and taught our girls during our summer intensives. He is an EXCELLENT teacher!! [. . . .] He actually taught at the ABT Alabama summer intensive this year - filling in for Ms. Gage Bush Eglund. He has taught summers in NY - I can't offhand remember where, but I want to say Joffrey?

And yes, :) his costumes are just gorgeous! We have used them many times...his tutus - he makes them!!!!

So, he definitely is a place to check out in Mobile and see if that's a good fit for your DD!



Mobadt :thumbsup:


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Mobile Ballet is a good school and it has good training. But schools are really hard to recommend, it really has to fit the student. Although Mobile Ballet is definately worth checking out.


I personally love the facilities there, the whole school just has a good vibe. It is very clean, DD loved the floors. And the floor to ceiling glass wall is just something to behold.

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Thanks for the info! There was so little info on the website--not even an email contact! So, I wasn't sure what to think of the school. I will definitely have to set up seeing the school. If anyone has DKs there, do you know when the fall term begins? (If we move) We won't be moving until August, but I want the girls to have a little time to settle in before starting classes.

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Asked my q before rechecking the site, duh! (hits forehead and laughs), September 5th! That's great. I grew up in the South and know school (academic) begins earlier there than up here, so I was worried. Now to set up that meeting.


The website also had me dumbfounded when I rechecked it more thoroughly. It talks about the number of classes a week for each level, but says "strongly encouraged" not required or mandatory and briefly says arrangements can be made for students wishing to study more? My girls are just 6 (happy birthday) so that doesn't apply to us, but does that mean private lessons? I am used to schools posting their full schedule...hmm

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balleballeyeballe--there's really not a way for us to know here what the verbage on a particular website means. It could be private lessons, it could be that dancers can add another class per week if they'd like, it could be a number of things. It's best for you to discuss that with them personally since what that means at one studio may be different from another.

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I took summer classes at the Mobile Ballet Company and also danced in their Nutcracker twice. Now, this was about 20 years ago, so things may have changed a lot since then. I was very impressed with their advanced dancers and they do a beautiful Nutcracker. I would not describe their school as Dolly Dinkle. They were stricter about basic technique than the school I was attending across the bay was.

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Came across this thread, and wanted to provide some updated information on Mobile Ballet.


I danced with the company for the past two years as an adult, and I am very impressed with the school, training, and faculty. My mother flew down to see our performance of Sleeping Beauty last year, and was blown away by the talent and the production. Truly top notch and a gem along the Gulf Coast.


The school has produced several professional dancers, including Kathryn Morgan (NYCB soloist), Blaine Hoven (ABT), Sadie Elliot (Houston Ballet), among countless others. A student was invited a few years back to attend SAB full-time, so we have another NYCB hopefully there as well. Mobile Ballet has two locations, with classes being offered to upper levels every day. In the fall, girls have the opportunity to audition for the company. The company puts on 2-3 productions each year. The girls are very talented, and have been accepted to programs at SAB, PNB, Houston, Boston, ABT, San Francisco, etc.


Mr. Corey is a phenomenal director and teacher, who is nurturing, kind, yet demanding of his "babies". It has been a pleasure to work with him over the past couple of years. He is also a great costume designer; I've worn some of the prettiest costumes of my life here. The other faculty members are also amazing teachers. Sydney Adams is one of the best teachers I've ever had, and also teaches a great adult class! I can't say enough amazing things about her. Ms. Lori is also a great teacher, she really works the girls hard. The school also brings in a number of guest teachers especially over the summer including Leslie Peck, Katrina Killian, among others.


The studios are top-notch, everyone is friendly and accommodating; the parent's group also puts together lunch and snacks for all of the girls every performance.


If you're moving to the Gulf Coast, or looking to switch to a more serious ballet school in the area, Mobile Ballet is where to go.

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