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I know I have posted a lot of questions so far but I need some advice..... I am injured right now a very bad tailbone injury. I was droped in late april and have been off ofdance since May I had to misstwo of three of my schools shows and have not and will not be dancing all this summer meaning missing the two summer intensives I was planning on going to this year. Just this week I decided to take just barre at a studio in the city I had been feeling really good about my tailbone I seemed to be moving much better than beofre and felt like myself, I didn't push it at the class I took things pretty slow. But still I found myself with the same pain. although is was less than what it was before it was still pain and a pain. This whole time of not being able to do the thing I love most in life has been so frustrating. At this point I want to dance so badly I just don't know what to do. Summer time is the time I improve the most, I have never been off of dance for so long and had never had a major injury like this. I guess what I am trying to say is what can I do to keep my spirts up when I feel like I may never get better? :)



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First, take it easy. This too shall pass.


I know that it's difficult to have to chill out while your friends are doing the things that you'd like to do, but it's necessary. Sacro-coccygeal injuries can take a long time to get over, and can be very inconvenient, maybe even compromising your ability to do just ordinary movement. What has your doctor told you about your recovery?


Since whatever you're going to do will definitely involve time, why not use it to learn more about ballet (or anything for that matter) by ramping up your reading? You could study about ballet history, or learn about the different technical methods in ballet, or biomechanics of dance, or whatever strikes your fancy. The advice here is that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. :)

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Having posted after Major Johnson...the voice of experience seems to be in full agreement! :thumbsup:

So sorry to hear you are on the injured list. Tailbone injuries can take a very long time to heal. You have not mentioned what advice you have received from doctors! Having never injured my tailbone, I am apt to say, continue the care advised by your doctor.


Missing class is something that will happen with all injuries, but you need to rest your body at this time, eat healthy food and stay positive. This may be a good time to go to the library to find books about the history of ballet or your favorite company. :) Your studies of ballet do not have to be limited to the classroom experience only. :thumbsup:

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thanks so much for all your wonderful advice. I am getting care at a sports medicine facility in SF they have done a great job of taking care of me, I got an MRI within five min. of my first doctor vist,a and was given time one on one with a great PT but after about 10 sessions of PT they said all I had to do was wait, and that they reallycould not help me anymore then they already had, they were kind about this they told me the tailbone takes a long time to get back to its normal state, and that I could do anyting just as long as it didn't bother me for the MRI results came out just find the only promble was the fluid around the area of injury meanig it was really really inflamed. Although I am still seeeing a doctor about every two weeks it is just taking a lot onger than I wanted it to or thought it would. But you suggestions seem like great ideas and I think I will go check out some books and go forth in educating my mind and resting my body!


Thanks again for all your help<3

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Good for you! It's one of the things we can do in computer format. Let us know how you're progressing. :D

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