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Edinburgh Summer School

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Hi guys,


I am off to the International summer school in Edinburgh next week and I wondered if anybody else was going.


It would be nice to put some faces to names.



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Unfortunately not going, but I'm sure we'd all love to read your report afterwards! :wacko:

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I have returned from my two week intensive in Edinburgh and here are my findings.


I would not recommend this to any dancer who is not highly advanced/pre-professional.


I currently study RAD intermediate and I was placed in the baby class as I just couldn't quite manage the 16 fouette pirouettes (no kidding). The ballet and repertoire classes were well taught and very enjoyable if a little basic but there were only two pointe classes a week.


The modern class for the basic students was a bit embarrassing, I have never liked JLo. The modern teacher was Italian and didn't speak any English. Luckily we had an Italian student in my class who could translate to some degree.


Character was very good, I have never taken a character barre before and found it quite challenging.


Accommodation was in a boarding school and very much like staying in a Travel Inn with a roomie and shared bathroom. The food left a lot to be desired being neither healthy or palatable.


The show was put together well but only the advanced students (who studied the Legat system) had a solo.

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A modern class? With JLo? What? Do they even know what modern is?


I know what you mean but the advanced class dances were much better, more along the lines of lyrical than modern.


Apparently said modern teacher is very famous in Italy, on the telly and all that jazz.

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