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Update & Ballet over the Summer (London)

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I know I haven't posted on here for ages & ages, mainly because things have been going much better for me & I haven't needed to moan about anything (in fact, a lot has happened, see below!) but don't worry, I have still been "lurking".


Anyhow, I have finally found a new teacher, at another school, who gives me proper corrections - & who will let adults do exams! (Watch this space.....)


OK, so I have to travel a lot further, & it is one class a week at a much lower level, but she has found loads of stuff to correct, so it looks like I needed to go back. Plus it is a different syllabus, so the work is still new.


I will still be taking one class a week at the old school as well (they only have one at my level now) - but this will be stopping for the summer & I am wondering if there are any drop-in classes in London that carry on over the summer? e.g. Marylebone would be the easiest for me to get to, if it is on a weekday evening.


I've never been there - can you just show up or do you have to book? & does anyone know what kind of level it is? (I'm looking for up to Intermediate syllabus standard, preferably lower).

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Gosh Jane, that sounds really positive. I was just wondering the other day whther you'd pop in and let us know how you were going.


It would be really interesting to hear (over in Adult Ballet tech forum) what corrections yo've been given & how you're going with them.


As for classes in London over the summer -- Danceworks still seems to be going on through the summer, and as people here know, I always recommend Renato Paroni's classes. The Beginner's class would be great for you I think -- he focuses on placement, alignment, and turn out at the basic level, but it's actually quite a demanding & technical class. It's intense and I always learn a lot from it. There are also classes at London Marylebone Dance studio which sounds right for you.


Although I think you said Intermediate standard, but I think in these open classes "Intermediate" refers to the standard not the RAD/Cecchetti grade. In my experience the 'intermediate' is pitched a bit higher than the syllabus Intermediate (which I still think of as the old "Elementary"!). But others may have re recent experience.

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Thanks for the encouragement, Redbookish! Sorry I haven't been posting, but it's kind of hard when I only have internet access at work, & also I was a little wary because I didn't want anyone from my old studio figuring out who I was & seeing I was going elsewhere. But now I am only being offered 1 class a week there, it would be regarded as a perfectly reasonable thing for me to do, so.....


By "Intermediate" I definitely meant the current syllabus rather than the name of the class - Advanced 1 material is way beyond me. A beginner class would probably be better - what level would an "Elementary" class be?


I will post about the corrections etc in the other forum as requested.

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