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Mirella 607M tights


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I bought 2 pairs of Mirella 607M tights about three years ago and the both came apart at the seams the first time I wore them. Should have known better - checked a few message boards and other dancers were having the same problem. Anyway bought 3 black pairs in October thinking the problem must have been fixed by now but no, same thing happened and back they went to Tutu.com for a refund (very nice people to deal with). Is anyone else having the same problems with the seams splitting? They fit really well and are very comfortable but then split the first time I wear them. I need some new tights and am currenty wearing old Capezio 3530s and even some very old Repetto nylon/lycra tights - both of these have been discontinued. I really wish to hear some good news about Mirella 607s so that I feel confident enough to buy some more. Please let me know your thoughts.

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I have had two pair of the Mirellas which lasted a couple years, no problems. (Then they got accidentally washed in hot water with bleach, and they failed a few months later - not unreasonable!) I've had a couple pair of M. Stevens fail in the crotch seam, but borrowed my wife's sewing machine which has a zig-zag setting for stretch fabric and they have given me no trouble since. Look carefully at the split; if it's just the sewing thread then it can be repaired, but if the fabric itself has ripped that's not so good.


I got some good information from another thread here - if I can find it I'll edit this post with a link. Basically, the place where two seams cross is difficult to sew correctly in an automated assembly, so re-working by hand is often practical. I think buttons on "normal" manufactured clothing are the same - a few will often fall off in the first few wearings, but once they are replaced by hand the garment is good to go.

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Looks like I'll have to revise my previous post.


I replaced my gray Mirella 697Ms (damaged in the wash) with two new pair a couple months ago. Both new ones have split the seams now - unlike my earlier ones which lasted for two years. (All are worn and washed approximately once a week.) The fabric around the split has come somewhat unraveled so it's hard to tell whether the seam allowance was too small or the fabric itself ripped, but in any case there does not seem to be enough left for a repair without making a tighter crotch, subject to greater stress.


Meanwhile, the two-year-old M. Stevens which also went through the accidental hot water + bleach wash are still holding up; I can't really tell them from their new replacements.

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