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Petite Battement

Green Jelly Bean

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I'm pretty good at bar, except for one thing- petite battement! I just can't seen to coordinate my feet like that. Is there a certain technique to this? :blushing:

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As with any element of barre, petit battement breaks down into component parts. One is a position sur le cou de pied devant, and the other is cou de pied derriere. To begin, just move the lower leg only from one to the other. As you get used to where these positions are on your leg, then add accent: back-FRONT, pause, back-FRONT, etc. Is this the kind of trouble you're having?

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That's even easier. Just start slowly and build speed over time. Practice makes perfect.

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Do check to be sure that you understand the mechanics of how they work, in terms of the movement from one position to another. It is totally a knee action, moving side front/side back. The hinge joint of the knee cannot move front and back with the leg turned out, it has to move only out and in. To build the speed cut down the distance of the side, or out movement. Start slowly and hold the thigh very still, just leting the lower leg swing gently out and in.

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