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Wow, it's been ages since I was last here!! Well, a good couple of months... :blink:

Anyway, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but I didn't know where to put it!!

I'm currently in Year 10 at school, so as of September I will be in Year 11, which in the UK is the year when you do your auditions for the Ballet Upper Schools (like Royal Ballet, Elmhurst etc.). I'd be happy just to go to a school to dance, but my dear mother is having a bit of a fuss because a girl from my dancing school went to London Studio Centre this year but has had to leave because she has bad knees, and can't go to sixth form at a normal school because she hasn't been doing A Levels. This has opened my mothers eyes to the (what I already knew) all too possible chances of something going wrong with ballet training, and has made her a bit more interested in the academics offered at the ballet upper schools. She wouldn't stop me going to a school if I got in just because it didn't have academic classes, but for some reason she wants to know which ones do, or what sort of academics are offered (if not A Levels) at the different schools.

Does anyone know? I know a lot of this site is US based, but I just thought it was worth asking because there really is a wealth of knowledge here lol!! :yucky:

Byeee_LBDxXx :)

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Welcome back LilBalletDancer1993. Nice to see you again! :) There are a few members of BT4D from England. Hopefully they will be able to give you more information. Those of us in the US may have less information that may be helpful.

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This is the problem that we are facing with are daughter as she wants to have A levels as well as a good dance education. The schools that we are looking at are Arts Ed at Tring or Hammond in Cheshire.At Elhurst you can take A levels but your options are limited. For general dance and Al evels check out the Brit school.

Check out all of the web sites and if any meet your criteria ask to attend an open day.

If you look on the governments site under the dance and drama awards it lists all of the schools and there details, hope this helps

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if you check out the websites of the schools you considering auditioning for, they will usually tell you what A levels they offer.


There is a tendency in the UK to convert former conservatoire programs into BA degrees via Foundation degree (with optional A and AS level).


Most likely, you will have the choice of A-levels in dance, English, French, mathematics, and arts. You might also get a BTEC award.

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I'm the same age as you and having quite a few concerns about what do for A levels .I know that the RBS,Elmhurst and Tring all offer A levels. I'm not sure what English Natonal Ballet School or Central offer for A levels. I think most schools do BTEC in something dance related. Most of the schools websites explain a little about academics, but it all seems a bit vague...I guess you can go to college if dancing doesn't work out and take your A levels later.

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most of the schools have the deploma in classical studies, if the web site is unclear ring them and ask for a prospectous.

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Wow, thank you for all the replies!! I ALMOST forgot how amazing this site is :yes: lol... it was very annoying when I couldn't get on the internet, had schoolwork, rehearsals etc. and just couldn't make the time to pay regular visits!!

I have found the schools that openy advertise A-Levels as an option (Royal, Elmhurst and Tring)... But I also understand the first two are EXTREMELY difficult to get into!! But I will still audition for other schools (Central, English National Ballet School, Hammond etc) because like I already said, my mother wouldn't stop me from going to a school if I was lucky enough to get in!!! She knows I'm too fixed on dancing to do that!!

Another option I have recently looked at (if I were to go to a school where I couldn't do A-Levels with them) is doing them in my free time through the open university... does anyone know how possible tjis is, or any details about it really? Does anyone have any experienc of doing this whilst at a vocational school?

I do have a bit of a safety net, though... I did my maths, biology, physics, chemistry and latin GCSEs a year early (so I completed them this year) which means I am completing the AS Level for maths and one science (I chose biology) next year, during year eleven whilst I do my other GCSEs... so UCAS points wise the two AS Levels I'm doing next year will add up to an A Level, which is at least something to have behind me if I have any trouble with academic options during my first year at a vocational school.

I know I want to dance, but I admit that I do understand my mums concerns about having a safety net... it's such a difficult and precarious career that you need to be covered... but I mean to go at it with my best shot lol!!!

Byeee_LBD_xXx :flowers:

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