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Because of rising gas prices, I'm looking for any way to get in the dancing I need to be (hopefully) company ready next year. However, it costs me $10 in gas every time I go to class, as it is 45 minutes away. I pay for my tuition, pointe shoes, and gas. I use my parents '90 station wagon. (I also plan to talk to the owner of the school I go to and see if they will reduce the tuition for me since I pay myself) I'm planning to work two full days a week on top of my course work- I'm a senior in high school. My question is this:


There are many "Dolly Dinkle" schools right around me- as in ten minutes away. Would it be worth my while to see if I could swap an hour of my time, say, washing mirrors, vacumning, or teaching a little kid's class in exchange for an hour's use of an empty studio? That way I would have a mirror and a sprung floor to work on. I do Pilates at home, but the bigger steps- such as across the floor pointe work, turns and jumps- I can't do at home. Would it be valuable for me to work myself, applying corrections I got in class?


Thanks all.

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First try to get some financial help from your own studio. If you can do that, then you will be able to afford the gas to get there. If that does not work, then the plan B, with the local school, would be better than no class. Just don't do that any more than you have to. You might also check some of the local schools and see if there is anyone teaching there who does give a class at your level. You might be surprised. There are some pretty good teachers out there who teach part time at some smaller schools. :yes:

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And don't overlook mass transit. I know that the northeast is in a bad way for that, but check out what buses and trains there may be in your area. If that's not an option, are there any other dancers (or even ordinary mortals) on about your schedule at your studio or other business nearby? Could you make a carpool to save everybody some $$$ all around?

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Thanks for the replies. I was able to get 15% off tuition which doesn't *quite* cover my gas, but I plan to ask my boss for a raise. ($8.50 for customer service rep)(inflation, anyone?)


I'll check into the smaller schools. It'd be worth it. My teacher says what I really need now is "more"- higher extensions, faster batterie, higher leaps, more turns, stronger pointe work.


Carpooling...ahh and alack. Nobody else goes that way- that is in my "tried and failed" archives. Mass transit, though. THAT's an idea. We shall see.


Again, thanks!

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